Monday, 8 September 2014

Music - My Favourite Workout Tunes - Day Eight

Topic for today's Blog-tember challenge is "music that moves you" well I love all sorts of music from ZZ Top To Orbital, way to many to list here so I thought I would talk about some of my favourite music to work out to. When I exercise I like my music loud with a good beat, music that I can sing along to and keeps me motivated to get to the end of my session. These 3 artists do exactly that and they are on my phone and computer ready for anytime I feel like getting my sweat on!


One of my favourite bands in the last year would have to be Disclosure, I love every song on their first album and find it great to workout to. I missed them this year at Glastonbury which I was gutted about so they are definitely on my list of people I want to go and see live. They went down so well at Glastonbury that I'm sure they'll be there next year so fingers crossed I get a ticket! 

My Three favourite Disclosure Songs:

White Noise
You and Me


Another artist that makes really catchy tunes is Example. He also works with some of my favourite artists and I love all his music so far. He's also great live and really gets the crowd having a good time, there are always some example songs on my workout playlists especially if I go running!

My Top Three Example Songs:

Won't Go Quietly
Watch The Sun Come Up

David Guetta 

I pretty much love all of David Guetta's music, for me its perfect for working out to plus he works with loads of different artists that I like. I would actually really like to see him live as this is the kind of music you can get up and have dance to and not take it too seriously! 

My Three favourite Guetta Songs:

She Wolf

The above music I would listen to when doing circuits, HIIT and cardio style workouts but if its more low key like a good strength workout then I quite often listen to rock classics, Michael Jackson, Haim or Gaslight Anthem, as you can tell my music range is vast! I like the fact I listen to all sorts of music and I'm not a music snob ha!

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What music keeps you motivated through a good workout?


  1. Visiting from the link up! I tend to listen to a lot of upbeat worship music when I'm working out, especially if I'm running!

    1. Hello!! Thanks for popping by! Yep for working out it's got to be done!

  2. Some great working out music - just what I was looking for, thanks!

    1. Your more then welcome glad you liked my picks!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I could always do with some new music to workout to.

    1. Welcome! Gotta workout to a good beat!

  4. It's funny how my workout music is completely different to the stuff I normally listen too. Gonna have to check that Example guy. Sounds awesome!

    1. Definitely check Example out his songs are great for a workout!

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