Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Most People Don't Know This But...... Day Sixteen

"Most people don't know this but...." is the challenge for today. I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you something I have been doing since January but as of yet have not talked about on here. The reason I haven't shared this info yet because I wanted to try out what the "experts" say and see if it worked for me...what am I talking about..the 5:2 Diet! 

You may remember ages ago I was sent a book to review on the 5:2 you can see my review here but to quickly recap I didn't get it. The book I was sent didn't make sense and at the time I had just lost my job so wasn't in the best of places. Before I go on let me explain what the 5:2 diet is....

Diet for 2 days a week and eat normally for the other 5. On your two diet days women eat no more then 500 calories or as close to that as possible but never over 600 (a mans allowance for the two days). You can eat whatever you like on the diet days but it has to be within your 500 calorie allowance, if your clever you can actually get quite a lot of food for 500 calories. 

Rewind to January this year, I felt like crap! Christmas had been lovely but I had over eaten for a good few months before Christmas and just felt my diet had become out of control then the festive season just topped it off so in January after watching the Michael Mosley documentary Eat, Fast and Live Longer again I decided to give it a go. I read Michael Mosley's book again and downloaded the MyFitnessPal app so I could log my calories on both fast days then just went for it.

At first I wanted to lose a few pounds and become in control of the food I was eating but it also has proven health benefits which are pretty amazing so losing weight is really just one of the good thing about this way of life.

How much weight have I lost? All together I have lost (excuse the racy picture but I am quite proud of how far I come so far!) 1 stone since January, not masses I know but I wasn't really overweight to start with. I actually really enjoy my fast days now, at first I found it so had to go through a day on 500 calories but now I find it pretty easy. I actually like the feeling of being more controlled on those fast days too, I don't eat a really bad diet but I do eat quite a lot of fat all be it good fat its still fat! So my two fast days balance it out and they mean I don't have to feel bad when I overeat on occasions! 

I guess you might like to know what I eat on fast days?

Eggs! I eat eggs in some form on nearly every fast, I do this because they are filling and very versatile. I have them boiled, scrambled or as an omelette and team them with salad or veg when eating them for dinner or eat them as a snack on their own. I do eat other things and drink lots of water too, but eggs come top of the list for a fast day favourite. 

So thats what you didn't know about me! Now the cats out of the bag I will be revisiting this subject next month and sharing my fast day tips, meals and other info on the subject : )

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Tell me something not many people know about you....

Have you ever tried Fasting?


  1. Hah! I seem to be doing it the other way round at the moment: fasting for 5 and eating for 2 (and, unfortunately, my stomach area, whilst lovely, doesn't look anywhere near as sleek as yours!)...damn you, my 40 years, slowing my metabolism, damn you!!

    1. Ha thank you and maybe try it my way? I think you might be fasting for too long... I will be writing more on this soon x

  2. I could not ever fast. I love food to much and I definitely can not afford to loose any weight.

    1. Lucky you! I love food and could definitely do with losing some weight!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I eat lesser on some days of the week.. I wonder does it count?
    But I've never really shaved any fats so I guess it doesn't.. =P

    1. Fats are good I eat loads of fat it's all good to be fair but I am still losing weight...I'll be writing more on this soon x