Friday, 5 September 2014

I'm Passionate About.... - Day Five

What am I passionate about? Well if I am honest I'm quite passionate about lots of things aren't we all? So I have decided to talk about three things that I am really passionate about even though you can probably guess the first two!


Of course food I blog about it all the time! But its not just any old food I am passionate about good food and eating well. I like to buy the best food I can within our budget and I don't mean expensive brands! I buy vegetables from the supermarket, I always buy free range or organic eggs, meat is always from the butchers and fish from the fish mungers. I do believe that you can taste the difference when buying value veg and you can definitely tell with meats. 

I like to make all my foods from scratch this allows me to know exactly whats going in it especially as I am gluten intolerant, you never know where its hiding! The amount of sugar in shop bought cakes and biscuits is crazy so if I make my own they are not only healthier they taste me anyway! 

I know I'm not alone when thinking if you eat healthy you feel better and look better. I'm not saying I never eat shop bought foods I have a weakness for dairy milk thats for sure but I just keep those foods to a minimum and feel better for it! If I don't eat my fair share of fruit and veg I feel rotten and processed foods bung me up so eating healthy I am very passionate about : )


Being passionate about exercise goes hand in hand with being a personal trainer so its no surprise I am passionate about being active. I am less addictive to exercise these days then I was but I couldn't go more then two days in a row without doing some sort of activity, I get restless and feel rot if I am inactive for too long. I know not everybody enjoys working out like me but I truly believe if you are willing to find some sort of exercise you enjoy you will stay active. It could be anything from running to yoga, tai chi to rock climbing whatever it is as long as your moving and working up a sweat its gotta be better then nothing.

In this day and age there are far to many people being inactive, sitting down and playing their computers for hours on end or driving everywhere just because they have a car?? You only have to turn on your phone, watch TV or read a newspaper to see we are in an obiesty epidemic in this country and I for one don't want to become one of the numbers so being active is a top priority for me and my clients.


As much as I love eating well and exercising I am all about balance and having fun too. Yes I'm 32 but I still love going to fancy dress parties (my Minnie Mouse ears also have a dress that go with them and I wore it to a fancy dress thing a little while ago!), going out and getting drunk with my friends and dancing all night. Eating hangover foods and watching movies all day after a crazy night out. Its all about balance and I would be a liar if I said those things didn't happen but I don't do it every week and I balance it out with eating good food and exercising.


 Life is for living and if you can't have a laugh and relax then thats a pretty boring life to me! 

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What are you passionate about?

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