Friday, 26 September 2014

How I Have Changed In The Last Year - Day Twenty Six

Happy Friday peeps! 
Where did this week go? I can't believe its nearly a week since I got back from my holiday already. This weekend is going to fly by just as quick as I am working at the London Tattoo convention so it will be all go until Sunday night when I return home probably shattered! 

Todays prompt: How have you changed in the last year?

Hmmmm this is a hard one as I don't really take note when things about me change and in the past year there has been no dramatic changes I don't think! I shall try my best and list a few.....

1. My Hair Colour - yep I finally gave in and decided to get my hair back to health by going dark and letting all the damaged hair grow out. Luckily my hair grows quite quickly so its getting healthier by the day and getting longer which makes me happy : )

2. My Weight - I have lost some weight in the past year which has been rather nice you can read about it here

3. My Work - working for yourself can be pretty hard at times but since going self employed which is a little over a year, work has had its ups and downs thats for sure. I do feel though that I am plodding along quite well and enjoying the freedom of being my own boss...I actually dread the thought of working for someone these days! 

4. My Relationship - I think over the past year my relationship with Dale has got a lot better, we have lived with each other well over a year now and done a few things that could have either broken or made us stronger and I would definitely say they have made us stronger. I love him in my life and the life we have together and long may it continue : )

5. My Patience - gosh this has definitely changed, I used to get so angry when waiting in a queue or when something happened that was not to my plans but these days I am much more relaxed about things which I guess comes with age! 

6. My Self Love - hmmmm I'm not in the place where I would say I am completely happy with my body or the way I look all of the time but I definitely don't beat myself up as much as I used to. I think I have Dale to thank for a lot of that because he is very complimentary and if I get down on myself he knows how to make me feel better : )

I have to be honest I am stuck for anymore to write, I think thats a good list and I am happy to look over this post and feel very positive towards the things that have changed about me in the past year. 

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Whats has changed about you in the past year?


  1. Quite a lot has changed for me in the past year, especially the way that I approach things like work, exercise and getting things done. I think pregnancy has definitely had a positive effect on me in that respect. Damaged or not (you can't tell) I actually prefer you with darker hair, really suits you. Have a great weekend! :-)

    1. Massive changes for you and bigger to come! Thank you I prefer it too x

  2. I think it is nice to look back and see all the little changes that have happened.

  3. This is a really nice theme for a post. This year I have taken on loads more responsibility at work, which is challenging but mainly enjoyable!

    1. Good for you, taking on challenges can be hard but super rewarding!