Thursday, 11 September 2014

How Do I Stay Inspired? - Day Eleven

Hello all how are we? 
I'm great and really enjoying this challenge! Writing these posts is lots of fun for me and I hope your having fun reading them. Its a a breath of fresh air, I think we can all get into a bit of rut now and then so changing things up is always good : )

Todays prompt: How do you stay inspired? Who inspires you the most?

How do I stay inspired? Searching through sites like Pinterest or Instagram gives me lots of inspiration and of course reading lots of blogs is also really inspiring. I like to see what people are loving and what they're up to as it often inspires me to try new things that I wouldn't have before. I am definitely one of those people that loves to look though the quotes on Pinterest when I am in need of some inspirational words you can check mine out here:

Follow Tamzin Pettitt's board Take Note... on Pinterest.

Who inspires me the most? So many people inspire me from friends to family and people I have never met but their story has reached me and inspired. I have lots of people in my life that have had it hard but never give up and keep going which I find very inspirational and keeps me in check for sure.

Brave Love Blog


Who and what inspires you?

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