Saturday, 6 September 2014

Currently....... - Day Six

Happy Saturday I hoe you all have a fun weekend planned? I'm off to work today then we're going to Dale's mums for dinner before getting up at 3am to take her and his stepdad to the airport. Its safe to say tomorrow is gonna be a lazy day!

Onto todays Blog-tember challenge, I have been asked to share everything I am currently up to in my life. So I am currently.....


Porridge! I know the cold weather is quite here but I am loving porridge at the moment especially with freshly grated coconut and coconut sugar so good!

I can't god damn wait to go on holiday!! One whole week away to relax and chill out in the sunshine its gonna be so good : )


Visit Tamzin Pettitt's profile on Pinterest.

Anything and everything! I am a total Pinterest addict its got to be one of my favourite sites, I can lose hours on there!


Dani Queipo's tattoos! I am absolutely in love with this guys tattoos, he works at Seven Doors Tattoo parlour in London and I am obsessed with his work...I must have a tattoo by him I must! 

Great that I can exercise more, having so many weeks off where I could only walk has really made my upper body feel pretty weak so I am enjoying doing some upper body strength training...I will get my strength back! 


My sister and dad for looking after my kitty cat when I go away it definitely cuts out some extra costs and I don't think Sid would like going on a cat holiday!

Work picks up, I have had a slight hit on my monthly income and its not great so I need to really get my head down and get some more money coming in....anyone got a job for me?!


To count down the days till I get to meet my new nephew, yep I'm now an Auntie!!!!!! Look how cute my little sister is here in my arms can't believe she's a mum...YAY! We will be skyping when she's home so I will get to see his little face in life form very soon wooooohoooooo!!!!!!!!!

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What are you currently up to?


  1. I thought it was grated cheese on your porridge!

    1. Ha that would be a weird combo!! I love cheese but not in my porridge with coconut sugar Hahahaha x

  2. oh wow I love those tattoos! the idea of getting one scares me but I can definitely admire those from afar haha

    1. So good aren't they!! I hope to get one at some point well I must as they are just too awesome!

  3. currently...done writing my currently post. apparently i'm doing a lot of things but right this second...i am not haha

    1. It's always good to have done time out : )

  4. It's so fun to be an aunt. My first nephew was born last year, they are a good little person to have in your life!

    1. I can't wait to meet him unfortunately my sitar lives in Ireland so we have to wait till next month but I will be counting down the days!