Monday, 22 September 2014

Blogs I Love To Read - Day Twenty Two

Hello!! We are back safe and sound from our visit to Spain and what a great time it was, lots of relaxing by the pool, lots of eating yummy food and lots of drinking so I'm definitely looking forward to getting back to a normal fitness and food routine thats for sure! I will be doing a full recap soon but its on with the Blog-tember challenge for now....

Todays prompt: Introduce us to five blogs you read on the regular and tell us why?

I read so many blogs on a day to day basis so its quite hard to narrow it down to five but I'll try! The following blogs I read at least 3-5 times a week if not everyday and hopefully you will like them too....

1. The Freelancer's Fashion Blog

I'm pretty sure you all thought my first blog would be all about food but this blog isn't just about food, although Ulrika Bachér the author does post some wonderful recipes, its about all the things that Ulrika gets up to including work, fashion, food and family. I have followed this blog since it started in 2007 and love reading about how Ulrika's life has changed. She is absolutely gorgeous and wears the most beautiful clothes plus she teaches and performs burlesque dancing which is just plain cool! If you like all things vintage for yourself and home, like burlesque and tasty food go check this blog out its fab!

2. The Green Kitchen Stories

Think vegetarian food is boring?! OMG you have to check out this blog, created by David and Luise a married couple that know good food, really good food! I actually got to review one of their books The Green Kitchen last year which you can read here, I absolutely loved the book and will be investing in their new one for sure. This blog not only has amazing recipes but the photos are so inviting and the food is not hard to make plus its really healthy which is a bonus! If you like to cook flavoursome, healthy veggie dishes this blog is a must for you : )

3. Sea Angels

I have followed Lynn's blog Sea Angels for a good few years now because its just so pretty. Lynn makes all sorts of beautiful things from paintings to cushion covers and I would love it all! I look forward to seeing a new post to see what she's been up to and the new things she has created. If you want to be inspired go check out her blog and follow her wonderfulness!

4. Deliciously Ella

Number four is Deliciously Ella, this girl knows how to make my taste buds hungry thats for sure! I love reading new posts about how to make nut milk or a new smoothie recipe and the recipes just keep coming and making me want to eat! I like that Ella writes some great reviews of places to eat out in London and she also writes about her life and other bits to keep you coming back for more. I have to say the photography and everything about this blog is awesome so if your yet to check it out go now!!

5. The Iron You, Wallflower Girl, Wholeheartedly Healthy

See I warned you I couldn't narrow it down to five!! Ha these three blogs above I have mentioned here before so you can check out why I love them so much in this post. They are my favourite foodie blogs and I love their recipes and posts which are definitely worth a read!

Brave Love Blog

Ok thats my post for today, its now time for me to get a workout in because after 7 days relaxing I am itching to get sweaty from a workout not just the very hot sunshine!


Name me two blogs you read regularly that are not featured above....go!


  1. I am going to check those blogs out. You can never read too many blog I think. Well, maybe you can haha.

    1. Yay you should they're fab! I agree but it's very time consuming!

  2. Thank you for including me Tamzin! I love your blog too :D x

    1. Your welcome, love your blog Aimee x

  3. What lovely things you have said xxx thank you xxx
    I shall enjoy reading the other blogs you have recommened x
    Hugs Lynn xxx

    1. Your very welcome Lynn! I hope you enjoy the others as much as me x