Monday, 29 September 2014

Blogging - Day Twenty Nine

Hello from a very tired and warn out blogger! Working at the London Tattoo Convention this weekend was lots of fun but so tiring, my feet hurt, my body aches and I am screaming out for more sleep! I won't bore you with my sorrows though I will get on with todays Blog-tember challenge post.

Prompt: What are your go-to blogging resources? What would you recommend to a beginner?

I am not the best or most successful blogger by any means but I have been blogging for nearly 6 years so I am sure to a beginner I have some tips worth reading and taking on board when starting a blog. Here are some things that I have found useful and other info to remember when starting out in the blogging world:

Be Passionate and Be Yourself

When I started Salad and Sequins I didn't do it to make money or be the greatest blogger I started it because I wanted to have a little piece of me out there to share with other like minded people. I wanted to share my passion for being healthy, eating well and exercising, showing others it can be done along side having a life of fun. When you read my blog its like having a conversation with me, I write exactly the way I talk which I know some aren't keen on but if I didn't that wouldn't be me. When I have met other bloggers they have said I am no different to the person that comes across on my blog and I like that. 

I love writing my blog and even if no one read it I would still be here blogging away because I would be lost without it now. Sometimes I can find it hard to find the time to pop in and say hi but as long as I have time I will be here chatting away. I much prefer to read blogs where the writer comes across as a real person that I can relate to, who is passionate about what they are all about and thats how I hope mine comes across : )

Befriend Other Bloggers and Be Heard In The Blogger Community

It can be time consuming but reading other blogs, commenting and making yourself known is vital in the blogging world. How can you expect others to read your blog and comment if you don't do the same. I read too many blogs to count and I comment when I have something to say which is not always but most of the time. 

I have made friends with some wonderful bloggers and met up with them on several occasions which is so much fun. I wish I had some blogger friends near by so we could hang out, so if I have yet to meet you and you live near Hastings gimme a shout!! 

Use Pinterest

I have found some amazing info on Pinterest to help me with my blog from getting post ideas to design there is so much help on there and its easy to find so I would definitely recommend having a good browse. I made a board for myself which you can find here with lots of tips and info if you want some help. 

Use Evernote

Evernote is a great app for keeping you organised. I use it for writing all my blogging lists, I have hundreds and its great to have them in one place so I can look through and know where I am and whats coming up next on Salad and Sequins. I have the app on my phone and computer so no matter where I am I can write down any notes I may need. I would definitely recommend it if like me when you have an idea and don't write it down it disappears into the black whole of your mind! 

Add Pictures

I don't know about you but for me I like to read a blog that includes pictures, I am a very visual person and just a load of writing doesn't always keep me around, I want to see what you look like, what you've been eating and where you have been so for me pictures in a post are a must! 

Proof Read and Check Spelling and Punctuation

Ha I can imagine there are a few of you laughing at me saying this as I need to work on it myself. I am dyslexic so my spelling and punctuation is not exactly tip top but I do try my best and since making the time to preview/proof read my posts its definitely getting better. I don't get put off when someone spells something wrong but I know lots do so its definitely something to think about. 

Since starting my blog my spelling, punctuation and writing has got way better then its ever been so if like me you are dyslexic don't let it put you off just keep practicing and I am sure you will get better like I have : )

Stick To Your Guns and Be Individual

My last tip today is to not follow the crowd and be yourself, decide the kind of blog you want and stick to it. Don't copy anyone else and do your own thing. It would be easy to follow a blog, love it and want to recreate it as your own but to me thats just not the way to do it. Start your blog to be your thing not like anyone else's, work out how it can be individual and keep at it. Some bloggers out there literally copycat others and to me thats just plain wrong, I want to read something different on every blog I read not read about the same stuff just on a different day. I don't think there is anything wrong with getting ideas from blogs you love but put your own spin on things and remember its not all about how many readers you have, how many people comment or how many sponsors you get its about enjoying writing your blog and having something you can all your own which other people can enjoy too : )

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If your a blogger what are some of your tips?


  1. Great tips Tamzin! I agree on the pictures and spelling, I always cringe when I see mistakes on a blog post I've written - they always seem to sneak in no matter how many times I reread it!
    I think the only tip I can give is: 'read, read, read, write, write, write'. Read tons of blogs, write tons of comments, read tons of articles/books/magazines, write blog posts and choose your favourite, read comments carefully and consider what your readers are most interested in - the more I read and listen the better a blogger I become.

    1. Thank you, I know I'm the same there are always mistakes that creep in!

      Great tip and totally agree, if you put in the time you'll be rewarded!

  2. I think commenting on other blogs is so important as then you become part of the community. You can't expect people to leave comments if you don't do it yourself, and I feel like I get to know people better that way too.

    1. Totally agree! It's good to show the love to fellow bloggers and hopefully they pop by and return the favour!