Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Juicy Vlog! - Day Seventeen

Welcome to day seventeen of my Blog-tember challenge and my first ever vlog!!! Oh yes todays challenge is to do a vlog which by the way is absolutely terrifying for me but I guess thats a good thing really, I think we should all do things that put us out of our comfort zones and this is definitely out of mine!

Before we get to the scary stuff I will tell you what todays post is all about....Juice! Yep its got a little juicy round here of late so I thought I would do my September reviews today all about . . . . you got it juice! Before you watch my video I will run through some of the product info first because I don't want to be waffling on to much! 

(The following products were all sent to me free of charge for review purposes, the thoughts and words are my honest opinion and have not been influenced by the companies providing the products)

I first featured these juices back in August but I had only just received them and had only tried one so I thought I would tell you a bit more today now I have tried them all. Uzuma juices are 100% raw, fresh green juice with no additives or preservatives and just drinking one 250ml bottle is the equivalent of eating over 1kg of fresh fruit and veg! There are seven different flavours to choose from and they also do 4 different juicing programmes including Slim, Steady, Fit and Detox. I liked all the juices bar one and had a definite favourite which I will tell you about in a bit. All of the juices are gluten free and vegan so whatever diet your on these should be fine!

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A little while ago I was asked if I would like to try out a new juice detox which has just come available to buy. Well I'm pretty sure you all know I love to make and drink fresh juices and I also love a good juice detox so I of course said yes! The juice detox is by Juci Wellbeing and there is a choice of either a three day or five day detox. All of the juices are cold-pressed and 100% pure and natural, containing zero dairy, gluten, egg, soy, artificial flavourings, colouring, sweetness or preservatives.

The reason I wanted to try this detox out was one because it is totally new to me and two I have definitely been feeling like my body could do with a cleanse. Obviously there are some great benefits to a juice detox like clearer skin, feeling energised and lighter a little weight loss which is always welcomed although I am aware that is usually water weight!

I didn't find this detox the easiest and I will explain why in my vlog below, if you are thinking about trying out the Juci detox they have a great FAQs page where all your questions will be answered. 

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*I would just like to add since doing this review and trial the juice no3 has been slimed down and juice no1+4 have been slightly altered. 

1000 Juices - By Deborah Gray

Last up is this new juice and smoothie book, 1000 Juices written by Deborah Gray. I have to say I was quite excited about reviewing this book because I love to make my own juices and smoothies but its always good to have some new ideas and there are some flavour combos in this book I would never have thought of for example a smoothie made from split red lentils, thats definitely new to me! The great thing about this book is there is something for everyone and very occasion from extremely healthy juices using vegetables and fruit to more indulgent smoothies and shakes using condensed milk and ice cream...not in the same shake! The recipes are easy to follow with nice pictures and there are health tips throughout as well as suggestions for special diets. I made a smoothie today for my lunch and thought I would share it with you, this is one of the Luscious Summer Smoothie variations:

Minty Summer Green Smoothie

(serves 3 small glasses*)

250g frozen mixed berries
2 Tbsp honey*
300ml fresh orange juice/ 3 oranges
60ml greek yogurt*
10 baby leaf spinach leaves*
1 handful mint leaves


I juiced 3 oranges then added the juice along with all the other ingredients to a bender.

* This was for 3 people but I actually drank the lot to myself for lunch! I didn't use honey I used rice syrup, I used soy yogurt and I added a big handful of spinach!

Right no more writing lets actually talk juice shall we..........

Hahahaha well there we have it, in all my Hastings accent glory! I hope you enjoyed my vlog I actually had fun doing it, although it was kind of crazy! I think after a bit of practice I will quite enjoy doing the odd vlog so you might get to talk to me sooner rather then later : )

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Have you tried any of the above products?

Have you ever done a juice detox, how did it go?

How did I do, enjoy my vlog?!


  1. Ah! This was lovely! Way to go, girl :) I'm so glad that you've been joining in. And I didn't know a thing about juices before this, so thanks for all the new info! I love the idea of a monthly review.

    1. Thank you Bailey!! I'm loving the challenge and so glad I decided to take part x

  2. Love your vlog. It's quite informative... I've been wanting to try those detox juices and you just gave an idea of what types of juice to avoid. haha


    1. Thank you! I loved the Jason Vale one I think the Juci one is good and actually after our thoughts will be even better x

  3. Love your vlog! That book looks great.

    1. Thank you for watching!!! It's a fab book x