Friday, 12 September 2014

A Favourite Tradition - Day Twelve

Hello and Happy Friday! I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend? I cannot wait for tomorrow, I am off to a friends wedding and its going to be a great day. I love everything about a wedding but who doesn't enjoy a day of love?!

Today is also my last day of work before we go on holiday Monday and I can't wait for that either, so lots of fun ahead for me as long as my back starts behaving...not going to go on but its being a bitch again! 

Before I write about todays challenge I thought I would share some food photos. I have been eating some delicious food lately which unless you follow me on Instagram (tamzinsparkles) you will have missed, these breakfast and dinner picks were particularly delicious...

Fresh strawberries topped with greek yogurt and goji & acai granola. 

Gluten free oats made with almond milk, banana and almond good!

I have been enjoying new potatoes lately for a change and this bacon and chickpea combo with new pots and pesto was really yummy.

We also had some sautéed new potatoes with baked herb and lemon cod and some peas. The cod came out perfectly, I forget how much I love cod but it is a really tasty fish, yum!

Right on to todays challenge, the prompt today: tell us about a favourite tradition..

This one was easy for me....

Hastings Bonfire Night!

The reason I love Hastings bonfire night is because I am a sucker for fireworks, I love them! I also love the bonfire night procession with the drums, fire eaters and bonfire boys. Its a great night to visit Hastings, there are lots of people out and they always put on a great firework display.

Hastings Bonfire Night is on the 18th October this year you can check out the details here, if your in the area you should definitely check it out as long as its not raining of course! 

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Do you have a favourite tradition?