Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Day In The Life - Day twenty

Hi all, hows ya week going? 
I'm pretty sure my week will be going very well in Spain and me and Dale are having lots of fun : )

For todays challenge we have been asked to do a "day in the life" post so we are going to take a rewind to last Friday and see what I got up to....

5.30am - Alarm is going off and I don't want to get up but its time to start the day get ready and get to my clients house.

6am - First client of the day. 

7.15am - Back home and ready for my first coffee of the day. I sat and enjoyed my coffee for half an hour, and relaxed before my next client turned up.

8am - 10.30am I trained clients back to back. 

11am - I was pretty hungry by this point and so I made a yummy smoothie for a late breakfast. This was mixed berry and orange very tasty and very filling : )

11.40am - I drove to my next clients house ready to train her at 12. 

1pm - After finishing with my client I drove to Battle (near by town) to get a spray tan before the wedding on Saturday. Once Tanned I popped into Holland and Barrett to grab a couple of bits before driving home again. 

2.30pm - Time for lunch! It was really simple today but really tasty, sweet potato topped with lemon and thyme tuna. I ate this at my new desk (more on that soon) then got on with some blog writing. 

4.30pm - I finished writing for the day and ate this - new to me - snack bar then got ready for my last client of the day.

4.45pm - My last client of the day turned up and I gave her a killer session before saying goodbye for  two weeks. I'm off on holiday, then the day I get back she goes away, so no sessions for a couple of weeks. Which is why I made her last one extra hard!

6pm - Dale got home from work and picked me up as we needed to go to Asda quickly.

7pm - Yay dinner time! We are using bits up before we go away as there is no point doing a big shop so I made a mish mash dinner. Brown rice with veggies, chickpeas, bacon and pesto... delish!

7pm-12am ha it was a late one for us Friday we watched Aliens 1 and 2 classics! Then it was bed time : )

Today was definitely a little different to normal, food was pretty average though. I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into daily life from waking till sleeping....I love these kinds of posts from you guys I find it interesting to know how you use your time during the day : )

Enjoy your Saturday!


Do you like day in the life posts?

Hows your weekend going?


  1. I love day in the life posts! I should do one, but I always forget half way through the day and don't have enough photos. I rseally want to try that almond bar :)

    1. Ha that has happened to me plenty of times! It's nice but very different to what I had expected x

  2. I like seeing what other people get up to :)

    1. Ditto Maria! Glad you enjoyed it x

  3. I have loved these small glimpse's into your days, hope you have a lovely weekend too
    Hugs Lynn x

    1. Thanks Lynn it's been a fab week x

  4. Hope that you are having a wonderful time in Spain. I love day in the life posts, it's great seeing what other people get up to. :-)

    1. It's been fab!! Thanks I love them too it's Kwats interesting to see how others spend their day x

  5. Love these kind of posts :-)
    God when I get up before 6am to run by the time 9pm rolls by I'm ready for bed. No way could I stay up so late - you're hard core!!

    1. Ha believe me that is not the norm! I am usually in bed by 9.30/10pm but we didn't have to get up the next day so took advantage!