Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Importance Of Water

So peeps today I am talking water, the reason for this is because its been a subject of conversation lately with clients, friends and family and I just wanted to express how IMPORTANT it is to drink water!! I find it so surprising how lots of people are unaware of why they should be drinking water and including it in your daily routine should just be the norm. 

I am going to share with you today some of the wonderful benefits of drinking water and how to make drinking it part of your daily routine : )

Why is drinking water so important?

I would be writing all day and night if I listed all the ways drinking water benefits you and to be honest I think you might fall asleep so I just want to talk about my top seven reasons why you should be drinking water.

1. Water flushes out toxins - by drinking water your body can get rid of toxins and waste and keep your internal system working properly. For example our bowels need water to help keep everything moving shall we say, making sure nothing gets stuck and causes you to get constipated which is never fun! Basically for our bodies to function efficiently its essential to drink water! 

2. Water improves skin complexion - gosh this one for me is so important! I can definitely tell if I am not drinking enough water, my skin is a bit up and down as it is. I have spoken on here before about my spotty skin and I know if I don't drink enough water it really starts to show on my face! The skin can become dry, flakey and tight if you don't drink enough water so to keep the skin looking and feeling good grab a class of the pure stuff! 

3. Water can help with weight loss - drinking water can fill you up if your hungry and lets face it a lot of the time we aren't actually hungry we're thirsty so next time the hunger pangs come on try drinking a glass of water first which will help keep hunger at bay which means you will eat less. Water has no calories so you can drink as much as you like without it ruining your waist line good times! 

4. Water can help prevent headaches - often headaches are caused by dehydration, I am always aware of this when I go shopping in London for some reason. When I go shopping in London not drinking enough water whilst walking about in all those city fumes I always get a headache which is definitely my own fault but other then that I have to admit I hardly ever get headaches because I drink lots of water..go me! 

5. Water is an immune system boost - by drinking lots of water you are giving your immune system a boost helping it to prevent sickness or if you are unfortunate enough to become ill it will help to clear your system getting you back to healthy sooner rather then later, and who doesn't like feeling healthy?!

6. Water helps to increase energy and relieves fatigue - if you are dehydrated you won't perform to your best abilities. The brain is mostly made up of water and for it to concentrate better and be more on the ball it needs to be hydrated which will also increase your energy levels! 

7. Water keeps your joints healthy - as you know I am a lover of exercise for and play so keeping my joints in good working order is pretty important to me and it should be to you! By drinking enough water you will keep the cartilage in your joints soft and hydrated which means you won't suffer with bad joints and will be able to exercise to a ripe old age! 

With all those amazing benefits why would you not drink lots of water? I know an excuse I get a lot from clients - it tastes boring?! Ok ok I can kind of get that but if you add a slice of lemon your water suddenly becomes a tasty drink with no calories still! If you get bored with the taste of water definitely try some sliced lemon or maybe have fizzy water if you like fizz? 

How can you get into a water drinking routine?

Try these simple ways to up your water intake:

Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed, this will also help flush out the system. 

If your a tea and coffee drinker alternate your hot drink with a water. Tea and coffee actually dehydrate the body, I try to stick to 1-2 coffees a day and the rest of my liquid intake is water straight up. 

Always have a bottle of water with you! There are so many fab water bottles about these days that you can refill and they filter the water for you which means you don't have to spend money on bottled water. I don't go anywhere without my bobble! 

Think of a glass of water as your mid day and afternoon snack, set your alarm to remind you that at 11am and 4pm its water time or get an app that lets you keep a water count. 


Really its not that hard and like anything once you get into your new water drinking routine it will become second nature and if you drink it enough you will actually start to enjoy the taste. I love water and couldn't live a day without my 2 litres thats for sure, people think I'm nuts always carrying round my water or choosing water over a wine when out for dinner but hey I love it! 

Obviously you can get water from the foods you eat too and drinking liquid all be it fizzy pop or juice is providing the body with water but drinking it in its pure form is the best way and will benefit you and your body no end. If you or anyone you know doesn't drink enough water its time to start nagging and getting on the water train peeps! 

Ok I think I have drummed it in enough so I shall love you and leave you...I'm off to get a drink of water! 


How do you make sure you drink enough water?


  1. I've never had problems drinking water because I don't really drink anything else! Occasionally I'll have some fruit juice or a herbal tea but I always have a glass of water on the go.
    Fruit infused water is lovely, especially with some ice cubes, if you don't like the idea of drinking plain water all the time. Over summer, I infused some mixed summer berries in some water and kept it in the fridge. It was very refreshing with a delicious subtle flavour :-)

    1. I also love cold herbal tea infused water x

  2. People think I'm weird because I actually LIKE water... water & green tea are the only things I drink every day but I still struggle remembering to drink enough of it. Especially on my days off like today.

    Just drank a glass while reading this though! ;)

    Christy x
    another weekend without make-up

    1. Good for you! I like green tea too but never remember to make it!