Saturday, 16 August 2014

Saturday Food Frenzy!

Yay its Saturday!!! 
And and even bigger YAY because I have the day off whoop! The reason I have the day off? Because its the annual Boyley Jam and I shall be dressing up and having fun all day...whats the Boyley Jam? Well its the day we celebrate the loss of a very good friend by having a BMX Jam at our towns skate/bmx park, we dress up have a few drink and lots of laughs!! So while I enjoy my day I thought I would share some of the food that has been passing my lips this week......


Blueberry and Banana smoothie with a delicious toasted topping, I love the cold smoothie with a heated top great combo! 

Another smoothie in a bowl, creamy blueberry with some beyond greens added, you can find the recipe here

Yesterday I made a delicious mocha coffee protein frappe which was glorious! I will be sharing this recipe soon! 

Vegan meals have been enjoyed this week round our way like this chickpea, vegetable coriander and rice dish : )

One of my favourite easy go to meals, boiled eggs on rice cakes with un-pictured ketchup!

Another veggie dish we ate was this chickpea, veggies and quinoa mess! Ugly but good : )

I have also enjoyed some dark chocolate for a fix at the end of the day....


What are your Saturday plans?


  1. Sounds like you have a fun filled weekend planned. :-) I've been doing lots of baking this weekend for a picnic we are having today. Fingers crossed for decent weather.

    1. Enjoy your picnic hope it stays dry!

  2. I think your 'ugly' chickpea meal looks really good actually!
    Saturday was a 'getting stuff done' day (and Nando' Nando's!)

    1. Thank you : )

      Still never been to Nandos I gotta get there at some point!