Friday, 22 August 2014

Recipe: Gluten Free and Vegan Quinoa and Cherry Granola

Yay its Friday!!!

I expect for lots of you thats means the last day of work before a fabulous three days off? Unfortunately that is not the case for me as i am working in the shop today and tomorrow but I have two days off so I'm not complaining!

Today I have a wonderful recipe to share with you, my homemade quinoa and cherry granola. I have been wanting to make some for ages and after browsing Pinterest for some inspiration I decided to make my own version that is gluten free, refined sugar free and trans fat free. Here's what I cam up with:


2 cups gluten free oats
1 cup dry quinoa
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup ginger coconom coconut sugar
1/4 cup rice syrup
1/4 cup mixed seeds/nuts (pine nuts, pumpkin, sunflower)
1 packet Urban Fruit Cherries
1 tsp cinnamon


Preheat oven to 180.

In a large mixing bowl combine oats, quinoa, seeds, cherries and coconut sugar.

Pour in oil and rice syrup and mix until all the dry ingredients are coated. 

To a parchment lined, large, baking tray add the granola mix and spread out evenly.

Bake for 30 minutes, every 10 minutes take the granola out and stir to make sure it gets and even bake. 

Once the granola is golden brown leave to cool completely.

Once cooled break it up and keep in an air tight container.

The coconut sugar makes the granola a beautiful caramel colour and really crispy just the way I like it, granola has to have big crunchy chunks if you ask me and this has lots : )

This granola could easily pass as a pudding if you teamed it with greek yogurt or coconut yogurt, something I will definitely be trying! Its also perfect for those that like a crunchy topping for smoothies in a bowl....Mmmmmmm : )

I would definitely class this as a treat breakfast as it is quite sweet but the sweetness is all natural and good so its a healthy treat for sure and one I will be enjoying for a while as this recipe makes quite a big batch and you don't need loads to satisfy. 


Have you ever made your own granola?


  1. That looks lovely- I didn't realise you could even eat quinoa like that, but it makes sense as it is a seed.

    1. Yep you can indeed, gives great texture and crunch!

  2. Oh yumminess, quinoa and cherry in a granola...I need some of that asap!
    Do you ship to the US? ;)