Sunday, 31 August 2014

Good Bye August Hello Blog-Tember!

Well here we are on the last day of the month, August has come and gone crazy fast and I am shocked that we are saying hello to September tomorrow! I have had a great month lots of ups a few downs but nothing that has stopped me from keeping my head up and staying focused. I actually feel really positive about the next few months, I have kicked myself up the butt and really got organised after the summer months being a lot of partying its time to buckle down and get my work life a little more on point! 

September is going to be busy for me, I have the up and coming arrival of my sisters bubba, a friends wedding, holiday to Spain, new clients and work at the London Tattoo Convention to list a few things I will be doing! 

Another to add to the list is this fab September challenge: The Blog-tember Challenge created by Bailey over at Brave Love. Someone had pinned this on Pinterest and after taking a look I was sold, she has given a topic for each day of September which is really helpful plus I love the idea of blogging an array of different posts, a lot different to my usual ones, giving you a little bit more of me. If you fancy giving it a go too go check out her post and join in the fun!! 

I will be posting every day so come on by and and let me know how you think I'm doing : )


Do you have a busy September ahead?


  1. What a great blogging challenge! Well I definitely have a busy September ahead with the little man on the way, but I'm so looking forward to it all. Hope that September is a brilliant month for you. :-)

    1. Thanks Jemma straight back at ya! Looking forward to your new arrival!

  2. I look forward to reading those posts, it is always good to have different topic ideas.
    Yes, very busy for me, back to work and a bit more responsibility so I shall be trying to get up to speed!

    1. Looks to be really fun and different which is what I think my blog needs right now x