Friday, 29 August 2014

August Reviews Featuring: Steens, Detox Your World, John West, Cocoa Runners and Uzuma Green Juice

Its that time again for me to share with you some great, new to me, products that I think your going to love. I always say this but I like to just remind everyone that reads these reviews, all the words and thoughts are my own, I was given these products to try out free of charge but that will not influence my review. I also only say yes to the products I think you will be interested in knowing more about. So lets have a look shall we....

If I am honest I am not a big honey eater, I sometimes add it to recipes and I have in the past invested in a pot of manuka honey but its not something I think about buying really so when offered to try some I thought why not? Especially as before we know it winter will be here and the common cold will be flying about and one way I like to rid a cold is hot water, maunka honey and lemon.

I got to try out Steens Raw 15+ Manuka Honey which is said to be high in antibacterial levels and recommend for the treatment of ulcers, strep throat, cold sores, digestion, burns, skin infections, cuts and abrasions, nice little list of benefits there! When my honey arrived I couldn't resist trying it on a slice of buttered toast and my tastebuds were mighty glad I did its gorgeous! The honey is really thick and tastes wonderful, definitely worth trying if your a honey lover that also loves a health food : )

You can keep up to date with Steens on Facebook and Twitter.

Detox Your World

The lovely peeps at Detox Your World were kind enough to send me some granola samples from their new Superfoodies range. Now you all know I love granola so throw in some superfoods and I'm sold! I was sent the Green Granola - Coconut and Spirulina, Brown Granola - Cacao Nibs and Maca plus the Red Granola - Goji and Acai. All of the granolas are gluten free, vegan and paleo which covers pretty much everyone! My favourite would have to be the Cacao and Maca but the Goji and Acai comes a close second, I like the Coconut one but it does taste of spirulina which will not be to everyones liking. I love the fact that these granolas are not sweet and they taste healthy but if you like something a little sweeter you could add a little maple syrup or coconut sugar. I would recommend trying these if you love cereal but want something healthy or like me your a granola freak!

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John West

Next up is this giant tuna haul from the lovely guys at John West. I have eaten John West tuna on and off for years but the New Tuna Infusions range I hadn't heard of so was intrigued to try them. We eat tuna on a regular basis round here be it with sweet pots, in sandwiches or salad plus its an easy food to transport which means its great to take to work. Some of the samples I was sent unfortunately contained gluten so I couldn't try them but the ones I could eat I really enjoyed. I tried the basil, lemon and thyme and coriander and cumin all of which tasted great. They come in little one portion sized tins which I took to work and ate with salad or as a snack. If you like tuna then give these a go, tuna can be quite dry to eat on its own but these flavour combos with a little olive oil really work!

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Cocoa Runners

Hands up who loves chocolate!!!! Both my hands are up thats for sure and when offered chocolate to review I say a big yes! Cocoa Runners is a fabulous online club you can join to discover the most wonderful chocolate bars and get them delivered straight to your door, perfect if you like to discover new chocolate for yourself or as a gift but don't get time to browse round the shops.

"As a member, every month we will send you four chocolate bars delivered in a box specially designed to fit through your letterbox (and in sufficiently non-descript outer packaging that we hope it won’t be “borrowed” by envious neighbours). These bars are carefully chosen around themes which showcase latest developments and the characteristics of “bean-to-bar” chocolate. We will get “under the wrapper” with tasting cards for each bar that bring you the stories behind the chocolate, makers and growers."  - Cocoa Runners

 I was really impressed with the package I received, the chocolate (that I have tasted so far) is delicious and the packaging is beautiful! I am a sucker for good packaging so I was won over by these bars and the fact they taste awesome is a win win for me! Honestly just go take a look at their Chocolate Library...amazing!

See something you wanna try?? Well as a gift to you from Cocoa Runners you can use the code: Sparkles5 - and get £5 off your first box or subscription!!

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Uzuma Green Juice 

Last but not least I have been sent these Uzuma green juices to try, I have literally just got them so I will be doing a full review soon, I have tasted the Shine juice and it has a massive thumbs up!

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye out for my full review coming soon!

Ok thats my August product reviews there is one more coming this month but you'll have to wait till tomorrow for that and a fabulous new recipe!

Have a great Friday folks its nearly the weekend!!!!


Have you tried any of the above, what did you think?


  1. Those Uzuma juices look amazing! I think the Karma one would be my go-to choice! xx

    1. They're really good, lots of healthy ingredients and they taste fab! Thanks for popping by x

  2. I don't have honey much either, but I do like it in a hot drink (lemon and ginger tea or something)- very soothing when you have a sore throat.

    1. Totally agree plus I definitely believe that Manuka can help with a cold : )