Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Workout Wednesday: Walking

Hi guys, how are we? I'm all good, its been a crazy busy week so far due to being away last week which is why I was MIA yesterday and today I have a limited amount of time too but I wanted to share my Workout Wednesday post with you which is all about walking and why you should be doing it! Recently I have been walking a lot more which I have been loving, since working a lot from home I haven't done much walking so when a client of mine asked if we could do a weekly power walk as one of her sessions I thought hell yeah! A lot of blogs talk about running but there isn't much tap of walking which if your not a runner is the next best thing. Don't get me wrong I love a good run but these days my legs don't like me running for hours but walking they are more then happy to do....

I have actually forced myself to make time to go walking on my own as well as with my client and I have to admit I am really enjoying it. Especially when the sun is shining and I get the beautiful seaside to look at. Here are a few benefits of walking just in case you were unaware of how good it is for you....

Walking can help you maintain a healthy weight.

It strengthens your bones.

It firms up your whole body.

A good walk can lift your mood.

You get a vitamin D boost when walking outside.

Walking can lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes.


The above are just some of the benefits of walking, I'm also trying to do more which means I use my car less which saves me money and is a little greener. I am trying to do at least three 3 hour walks a week on top of my normal workouts as well as walking to and from work on a Saturday and as long as the weather stays kind I shall continue! 


Do you fit regular walks into your week?


  1. I'm a big fan of walking and used to literally walk everywhere when I was at uni. Whenever I make a phonecall I go out for a walk and it wouldn't both me to walk a couple of miles to the shops rather than jump in the car. Walking is seriously under-rated!

  2. I have started to like walking..with my back being bad I can't run at the moment (PAIN) soooo I have started walking about an hour or an hour and a bit a day and I trot her and there on my walk and I rather like dripping achy knees, and its kept my weight from creeping up and I am most grateful for that ha ha xxx

    1. I love that when you walk you take in so much more too x

  3. I love walking- I just find that I run out of time at the moment. Sometimes at the weekend we walk up to the shops and around which ends up being a few miles- nice to be out in the fresh air.

    1. I agree time can be an issue considering a quick run you can burn the same calories as a longer walk but when you do have the time walking can be so enjoyable! Plus having a walk around the shops can lead to quite a good exercise session!