Thursday, 17 July 2014

Workout Wednesday on a Thursday: The Importance Of Rest Days

Hi everybody as I explained yesterday I am posting my usual Workout Wednesday post on a Thursday due to it being national cherry day yesterday and wanting to share a wonderful recipe with you which you can check out here.  

 I am here today with a workout inspired post but no actual workout, I want to talk about the importance of rest days something I have learned the hard way in the past and sometimes these days too! Everybody should include rest days into their weekly workout routine simply to let the body heal and recover from whatever you've been putting it through, rest days don't have to be sat on the sofa all day though you can still go for a walk or do some yoga and call it a rest day, well I think you can! 

Here are some reasons why rest days are so important: 

To help your body recover and repair muscles - when exercising the body can take quite a beating for example when you lift weights the muscles tear and be giving them time to recover and repair they will rebuild and strengthen. 

Hitting the pavement day in and day out, lifting heavy weights or whatever your favourite way to burn the calories is can take its toll on your energy levels, having a day to replenish means more energy for you to then get back to your favourite sport with heaps of energy to keep you going and performing at your best. I don't know about you but when I'm tired my workouts can be a little half hearted thats for sure! 

Injury prevention - over training can leave you prone to injuries and thats something I know from experience, I definitely over did it with the running when I was younger and now my shins will only take so much before screaming at me! 


It took me a long time to feel comfortable having rest days, I used to feel guilty if I didn't exercise everyday but after having a few injuries they became a necessity and then after doing my PT training I learnt all about how important they are for your training so I have at least 2 rest days a week these days. I think having a long term boyfriend helped me too purely because having a social life and excising everyday doesn't always work especially if you have a boyfriend that would rather sit and drink tea then go running! 

Right now I am doing a lot of walking as my recurring back problem has decided to come say hi so no heavy weights or crazy workouts for me at the moment which is very frustrating to say the least but I am aware that if I want to be back to my best I need to rest up and get my back strong again so walking it is. Not that I mind as I am loving my summer walks at the mo : )

Basically what I am getting at here is if you don't include rest days into your routine you should definitely start to and reap some of the benefits they will give you! 


Rest days, do you make sure to fit them into your workout routine? 


  1. Work makes sure I have rest days- some days I have no time for anything else. But I do know I need them so that is fine with me.