Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Workout Wednesday: How To Get And Stay Motivated!

Hello Wednesday readers, are you having a good week? 
Mine week has been great so far lots of clients have been trained and everyone is doing so well it makes me a very proud trainer! One thing thats been popping up in conversation a lot lately is motivation, with my back still being a pain I could easily just do nothing but thats not me and my clients sometimes ask "how do you stay so motivated?" well there are lots of things that motivate me so I thought I would share a few words on how you can get and stay motivated too. 

Fitness Goals

Every time I meet a new client one of the questions I always ask is:

"What are your goals?"

I think having long and short term goals in mind help to motivate you and keep you strong through the times when you just want to give up and lets face it we've all been there! Your goals can be anything as long as they are important to you maybe your getting married next year, you have a holiday coming up or you want to be strong for your children whatever it is write it down and then make mini goals to get to it. 

I have a few goals at the moment one of which is.... I'm going on holiday in September and its going to be hot so the bikini is gonna be on, I want to look good on the beach which means I need to keep up with my exercise routine and eating good food. Having my back acting up is not helping me at all but instead of it de-motivating me it has motivated me to walk everyday for at least one hour and do any sort of exercise I can that doesn't make it worse! I'm actually finding a good balance and the walks are so enjoyable I plan to carry on doing them even once my back is feeling better : )

Having A Personal Trainer

If your looking to get fit but don't know where to start and feel like you have lost all motivation why not research your local area and see if there are any trainers that you could afford even if its just for a month. Having a trainer can really help get you up and moving, basically we're being paid to be your motivation and getting into a routine for a month could be just what you need to then go out and carry on alone. I know half my clients wouldn't exercise if they didn't see me on a weekly basis which is why I always keep the sessions fun and change it up so they don't get bored and together we can work towards achieving their goals.

Have A Workout Buddy

If you can't afford a personal trainer why not ask a friend to workout with you? Having someone else to workout with can keep you both motivated and make it more fun. I used to like meeting up with friends for pre spin class coffee so you get to gossip then sweat it out perfect! Also if you've made a date with a friend to go and workout your a lot less likely to cancel then if its just a date with yourself!

Don't Expect Miracles Overnight

One thing you need to remember is you didn't put on however many stones overnight, you didn't become unfit in a day so its going to take some time to change where your at right now. You have to be patience and take each day as it comes. Like weighing yourself, there is no point doing it every day because the body fluctuates especially if your female so pick one day a month and stick to it being your weigh day each month. 

Make Small Changes

Each week make a small change for instance one week you could cut out all take out food, then the next week you could cut down on snacking or replace bad choices them with healthy alternatives. After a while your routine changes and suddenly your half a stone lighter! I always tell my clients to slowly change the way they have been eating and upping their fitness because if you go in all guns blazing more often then not too much change at once and your more likely to give up and we don't want that!

Suck It Up And Move On

If you have a bad day of food, no exercise or whatever you consider a bad day just forget about it and move on. You need to remember tomorrow is another day and as long as you don't let whatever it was continue on its not going to ruin your new healthy self. I love eating healthy food but I also love chocolate and all sorts of things that aren't classed as healthy but I will eat them then the next day I will be back to my normal diet, I used to feel guilty but I guess with age I have learned to not care so much and understand as long as I keep a healthy balance of food and exercise I can enjoy all the things I love : )

It Has To Be Enjoyable

It is very important to find a fitness activity you enjoy because that will keep you motivated. If you have always wanted to be a runner but find you actually don't enjoy running then sorry its not for you maybe try out swimming or tennis or kickboxing or anything that gets you moving and keeps you smiling! I used to love running but these days my shins do not so I don't go for long runs anymore 30 minutes top plus I much prefer circuit style training, thats what keeps me interested and motivated. Go try out all sorts of stuff and find the one thing that you can't wait to go try again this way you won't get bored and fed up and decide to quit!


Lastly guys RELAX!! Don't constantly think your doing well and you need to loose weight and if only you were smaller you would be happier...What you need to do is relax and not stress over things to much if you think your over weight and unfit its more likely you will be but if you think tell yourself your getting fitter and healthier each day and you will loosed wight thats whats going to happen promise! Don't let bad thoughts be the thing that un-motivate you, if you want something done you have to go do it yourself and then you can reap the rewards! 

Here are 5 things that motivate me:

1. How many calories I burn in a workout
2. How a workout makes me feel afterward
3. How my clothes fit me better 
4. Exercise make me feel a lot less stressed
5. I really enjoy it and if I don't exercise I feel like crap! 


How do you stay motivated?


  1. I struggle with motivation sometimes but I always try to remind myself that you never regret a work out. Lately my motivation has been more over making better eating choices, sugar is my complete downfall!

    1. So true you never regret a good workout it's the ones you don't do you regret! I hear ya on the sugar thang I eat way too much! X