Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Udo's Choice Essential Challenge

Hey everybody! Happy Tuesday, I hope you all had a fab weekend, I was having a great time which is why I was rather quiet round here. It was Dale's birthday weekend, his birthday is actually today so we are still celebrating! We have a little down time right now though so I thought it was high time to come say hi and tell you about this great challenge I have been asked to take part in.........

The Udo's Choice Challenge

I was contacted a little while ago and asked if I would like to take part in the Udo's Choice Essential Challenge which is a 12 week journey to better health. Its not all about losing weight either which is what appealed to me its about making small changes to better your health in every way whilst using some fab Udo's supplements. You do need to provide progress shots which is why I have put mine up here....SCARY!! The challenge asks you to follow some great workouts and also gives you some food advice which can be found on their Facebook page. 

Ok peeps here is my first week progress shot!! I have actually lost 12 pounds since Christmas doing my own plan so I don't feel horrendously self conscious putting this picture up (I would have in January!) as I have worked bloody hard to get here whilst trying to live a normal not to restricted life...having boyfriend that loves to eat can be a challenge! 

I plan to take my supplements from Udo's which include:

I will also be doing some of the workouts and try out some of the yummy recipes, I will be telling you all about them on here so look out for that! The other small changes I plan to make are:

No more then 1 take away a month 
(Dale loves them but I am putting my foot down!)
Chocolate once a week
At least 4-5 workouts a week
Eating more veggies -  this has slipped of late!

This challenge actually came at the perfect time as Sunday me and Dale booked our September holiday to Spain, I will be wanting to firm up and lose a couple more pounds before having to wear a bikini so fingers crossed this is going to help! I will try and do an update every four weeks to let you know how I'm doing, you can also check out others progress by following Udo's on Twitter 

Right time to get back to Dale's birthday, have a great Tuesday x x


Have you ever done a challenge like this?


  1. Happy birthday to Dale!
    Wow very interesting about the challenge. Hope it goes OK for you. I've never done anything like that before but it does sound intriguing. Be interesting to see how you get on :)

  2. Great selfie Tam! And, of course, HB to Dale!

  3. Happy Birthday to Dale..its good when birthday celebrations last a few days the challenge sounds intriguing, I have read the oils are amazing for your health. You have done so well to cut down steadily, think I shall have a look at the face book page.
    Have a lovely week