Saturday, 26 July 2014

Recipe: Vegan Cherry and Cashew Smoothie in a Bowl

Happy Saturday!!!
The sun is shining, I was up early to workout with my Skype client and I had the most delicious cherry and cashew smoothie for to say my day started well : )

I haven't eaten a smoothie for a while and after a sweaty morning workout in this heat its long I could think about having for breakfast! 

Cherry and Cashew Smoothie


1 banana
1 cup frozen cherries
1/2 cup crushed ice
1 heaped Tbsp cashew butter
1 cup spinach
3/4 cup water
optional - 1 pack of stevia

When I eat my smoothies from a bowl it has to have a topping, the whole point of eating it from a bowl in my opinion, and today's was a sprinkling of this crunchy linseed blend I was sent for review (com in soon!).....delicious!

This for me is a perfect summer breakfast and its very filling to keep you going till lunch. I shall be getting back to my smoothie ways I'm sure after this bowl of yumminess! 


Whats your favourite summer breakfast?


  1. That looks lovely and is totally what I'm about right now as well, smoothies are perfect in this heat!

    1. Thanks! I need to make a chocolate cherry one next!

  2. Im loving acia bowls for breakfast, or overnight oats right now! I can imagine cashews make smoothies so creamy! Delish.

    1. Oooooo I haven't had a acai bowl for good!

  3. Smoothies are my favourite summer breakfast and this looks right up my street.

    1. They are perfect for cooling you down in this glorious heat! Let me know if you try it out x

  4. Mmm smoothies in a bowl are so good :)