Monday, 7 July 2014

Recipe: Cashew and Oat Gluten Free Cookies!

Hello guys and gals did you all have a good weekend?
Mine was A Ok and I have some pictures to prove it, it was definitely a quite one compared to last weekend but that exactly what I needed after the craziness of Glastonbury! 

Saturday morning I was up early to have a coffee with Dale before he headed of to London for the day (he went to see the Libertines....jealous!) then I got ready for a day of work in the shop. Before walking in I had a yummy breakfast of rice cakes topped with boiled eggs, mushrooms and some un-pictured tomato sauce : )

At the end of my work day I got a surprise visit from my sister and a best friend with the suggestion to go for cocktails and I thought why not! It had been a really quiet day and with Dale off out it was the perfect time to catch up over a bevvy : )

Sunday morning I let Dale sleep as he was back late and I got up to catch up on some Master Chef episodes whilst enjoying this yummy immune tea drink (review coming soon) I also had a couple of cookies for my breakfast and the recipe for them is good!

We popped out for some shopping around lunch time and came home to have a lazy lunch of gluten free cheese on toast. OMG so simple but so satisfying! The rest of the day was spent visiting Dale's family delivering birthday cards : )

Right what you've all been looking forward to, a very tasty cookie recipe. I was reading through some blogs the other day and saw Jemma's yummy flapjack recipe, I took some of her ideas and created these delicious cookies.....

Cashew and Oat Gluten Free Cookies


2 cups gluten free oats 
( I used Perkier Foods Fruity Berry porridge oats)
3/4 cup cashew butter
1/4 cup unsweetened desiccated coconut
6 Tbsp coconut flour nectar 


Preheat your oven to a 180 degrees.

Put all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl and combine, making sure all oats are covered and mixed in.

Line a baking tray with parchment paper.

Using your hands take some mixture and roll into balls (about the size of a golf ball), flatten with the palms and lay on baking tray.

Cook for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown.

Leave to cool for 20-30 minutes.


These turned out really well and were so easy to make, a thumbs up from Dale too so they must be pretty good! The recipe is easy to change if you want different flavours too I'm thinking banana and peanut butter next time : )

Well that was my weekend, quite relaxed which was needed as this week is a busy one. I have three new clients starting this week so its all go I can't wait to start them on their new fitness journey! Then the weekend is looking rather busy too its Dales birthday on the 15th and the activities are starting Friday.....another boozy one I imagine! 


Whats the best thing you have baked recently?


  1. I'm a big fan of cheese on toast. When I was younger we always used to have it for lunch on a Saturday with piccalilli on top!

    1. I haven't eaten piccalilli for years!!

  2. I baked a cherry and almond cake on Saturday- it is one of my favourites. These cookies sound good.

    1. Nothing like a weekend bake off x

  3. Oh god I can't stand cheese on toast. It makes my toes curl! I think it's because I had it so much growing up (And also I can't stand melted cheddar).
    I haven't baked anything recently but my hubby baked a delicious carrot cake - it was heavenly! But beyond healthy in any way...apart from the grated carrots I suppose...

    1. Not being able to eat cheese and gluten for so long I'm reliving my love of cheese on toast! Mmmmmmm carrot cake one of my favs!

  4. I love anything cashew and those cookies surely look divine. Great recipe Tam!

    1. The cashew butter worked a treat! Thanks Mike x