Thursday, 24 July 2014

Drinking, Eating, Walking

Hello, how are we? I'm great, today has been fab so far! With no liens till this afternoon I was able to get up and enjoy a leisurely coffee before getting a great workout in. I started with a home arms and abs workout followed by a long power walk along the seafront in the glorious sunshine, a perfect start to the day : )

I have been drinking, eating and doing lots of walking so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite pictures of just that.....

I'm still loving my cold coffee frappes, these are perfect for a cool pick me up once the weather heats up later in the day when hot drinks are just un-appealing to me

I am enjoying one hot coffee first thing though, especially when made fresh with a little coconut sugar Mmmmmmmm! This, after a hot water and lemon, starts me up for the day...I do love my coffee! 

I ate this bowl of super sweet strawberries topped with cottage cheese and cinnamon for a light lunch the other day, it went down a treat!

I actually ate a similar meal for breakfast today after my workout. I chopped up a mango and apple and topped with cottage cheese and some Helen's linseed coming soon!

I have been eating this quite a lot right now...just eggs and mushrooms cooked in a little coconut oil and served with cucumber, love this combo : )

I made chickpea and cauliflower curry the other night for me and Dale, I actually made a massive pot which has been portioned out for the week, its on the menu tonight again but I love curry thats eaten after the day it was cooked the flavour just gets better!

We have been taking Dale's sisters dog out at least once a week for a walk to help out, this is a joy for me as I am totally in love with her dog he is the best and its so much fun spending time with the little bruiser! 

I am still doing my daily power walks, my back if you didn't know has been misbehaving so walking is my only real source of exercise (other then the arm/ab workout I did today) right now until its sorted. Its very annoying as I really want to do other stuff but I will be patient and continue to walk for at least 1hr a day while it heals...

So thats what I have been enjoying this week, I hope your having a good week and your looking forward to the weekend, only one more day!! 


Favourite drink, food and exercise of the week so far?


  1. Hope your back feels better :( I know what you mean when you say you just want to do your thing but can't. The beach walks look incredible though. Good for the soul and body!
    I've been loving chickpeas lately. So tasty and easy to throw into things.

    1. Thank you, it's actually feeling way better today dare I say it! I love chickpeas especially roasted in a little coconut oil and garam masala spice 😃