Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Workout Wednesday: Bikini Bootcamp Series - Glutes

Happy Wednesday peeps! I hope your having a good week? Its that time again, you know when you put on your workout clothes and get sweaty yeah?! 

Todays post is all about getting that perked booty we all want in just a few moves. This workout only takes 20 minutes which means it should be easy to fit in during the day at some point so lets stop talking and get moving!

Bikini Booty Tabata

Warm Up:

Squats x 20 sec
Star Jump x 20 sec
Fast Punch x 20 sec

x 3

Tabata Circuit

Jump Squats
Donkey Kicks with Resistance Band*
Squat Thrusts

Once you have done your warm up go straight into the Tabata sets by performing each exercise for 4 minutes split into 8 sets of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. Complete all of the exercises one after the other with no breaks between them other then the allotted 10 seconds rests. With the warm up this will take a total of 19 minutes then your done!

(*on all fours place a resistance band handle round your foot, hold the other handle in your hands to keep it tight, this will give your donkey kicks some extra resistance to make your glutes work harder!)

Don't forget to stretch after your workout. If you like the look of this workout check out my
Workout Wednesday page for more free workouts! 


Favourite Booty exercise?


  1. Ahh the glutes...I try and work mine twice a week at least. Lots of resistant work doing clams, crab walks, squats and bridges...Donkey kicks are actually a new addition to my line up. They're a good'un!

    1. Gotta love a crab walk! Yep donkey kicks are fab x