Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Workout Wednesday: Bikini Bootcamp Series: Legs + New Purple and Lime Shock Absorber Sports Bra

Oh yes its Wednesday again which can only mean one thing Workout Wednesday! If you have been following for a while you will know I have been doing a bikini body series and todays its all about legs, hitting the muscles of the lower body from every angle to get them honed and toned for that holiday or summer weather I am hoping is on its way! So go get your exercise kit on, turn the music up loud and get ready to get sweaty! 

Bikini Legs

Warm Up:
Star Jumps
Running Man
Side Lunges

30 seconds of each x 3 (non stop)

Circuit 1

DB Bench Step Ups x 15 e/s
BB Sumo Squats x 15
Bench Jumps x 15
Side Lunge Toe Tap x 15 e/s

x 3

Circuit 2

BB Front Squats x 15
Burpees x 15
Weighted Hip Raise x 20
Squat Jump x 15

x 3

Perform all the exercise's back to back with a one minute break between each set once you have completed the circuit through three times take 1-5 minutes break, depending on fitness level, before moving on to circuit two. Remember to cool down afterward with some stretches!

I have a little review to share with you today, which I kept separate from my May review post as its all about sport which fits in great with my workout Wednesday post!

For me one of the most important pieces of sports kit is my bra especially as I was blessed with a rather large chest! So when I was offered the new Shock Absorber Bra to try out I said a big yes. I must say I have reviewed other Shock Absorber bras and never have I been disappointed, they fit well, look good and last for ages which is what I want from my sports bra as I work out a lot! The one thing that really excited me about this particular bra was the colour, I love brightly coloured sports wear and this limited edition Purple and Lime version is fab. 

The bra I reviewed is the Ultimate Run Bra which is made especially for running and reduce the breast bounce by as much as 78% which if like me you are blessed in that department you know how important is it to stop the bounce as much as possible! It also boasts a soft seam-free inner lining for comfort, wide padded non-slip straps, soft non-rub hook and eye plus it has high visibility reflective tape across the cups for when your running outside (to be honest I can't really see myself running outside in just a bra but you never know!).  All in all some great features all of which are true to there word. 

I have worn the bra for home workouts and running and haven't got a bad word to say about it, all the features are great and really make this bra one of the best I have ever worn. I am one of those people that usually wears two sports bras to control the bounce but with this I don't have to which I love. 

The Ultimate Run Bra comes in sizes A to F and is priced at £38, you might think that is quite pricy but for what your getting here I think it would be money well spent and as I mentioned before this is a limited edition colour so go get yours now!

You can follow Shock Absorber on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with new products and fitness inspiration. 


Have you tried Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra or any of their others?


  1. I am NOT going to comment on the bra...he he...
    But you did a great job on your workout, you rock TAM!

    1. But it would look great on you Mike! Hahaha x

  2. Love the bra! I have no sports bras that fit me know, can't wait to get a completely new workout wardrobe post bambino!

    1. Fab colour isn't it!! Yay to new sports clothes!!

  3. I just bought one of those as they were on sale on Wiggle :) I have tried a few other brands but Shock absorber is always the best, although I wish they would have something more secure at the back as sometimes the straps slip out (the adjustable bits) which is not good when you are out running!

    1. I agree shock absorber are the best, never had a strap problem with mine though, I have the one that zips up at the front that might be one for you to try x