Monday, 23 June 2014

Weekend Highlights Including Some Fancy Kitchen Storage

Hi guys, I hope you all had a fun weekend mine has been lots of fun and this week its going to get even better! Oh yes I am on about Glastonbury again but get used to it cause its all I can talk about right now, 3 more sleeps and we're off whoop whoop!

Having a fun packed weekend made it fly by, here are some of my weekend highlights plus a new kitchen favourite.....

Saturday morning I got up early and went for a run in the sun which was a great start to my day, I ran all the way along the seafront and back, I love running by the sea : )

When I got home and freshened up I enjoyed a coffee followed by a hugs bowl of chopped fruit topped with greek style yogurt and hemp seeds, perfect! 

The sun was glorious Saturday so I went for some bright colours including my favourite pink lippy

I had a very snacky day on Saturday as I wasn't that hungry after my big bowl of fruit. I had a slice of my homemade lemon cake, an apple and this coho yogurt with some high energy trail mix. 

Saturday night me and Dale went round to our friends for some drinks then ended up going out to town which did get a little messy to be honest but we need to get some practice in before next weekend I suppose! 

Sunday was spent relaxing in the morning then we had to do our giant Glasto shop. The rest of the day was spent hanging out at a local lake with Dale and his mate the weather was so warm it was a perfect : )

Lovely weekend but it really did fly by and the next couple of days are jammed packed too so Thursday is going to come round very quickly, yay!!

Lastly I want to show you these fab new POP storage containers from Oxo Good Grips. They have push button lids, when pushed they make the containers completely air tight and can be used as a handle when you open them. I am a sucker for kitchen storage and these are really posh looking which is a bonus as some storage containers can be pretty ugly! I also like the fact the containers are BPA free which is fab if your storing loose food in them. 

These storage containers are exclusive to John Lewis so if your in the market for some new ones for your kitchen, bedroom or workshop check these out! 

Right I gotta Skype my mama, and sisters so I shall say goodnight and wish you a happy Tuesday.


What kind of kitchen storage do you go for?

I like mine to have clear containers so I can see exactly whats in them so I am loving these Oxo ones!


  1. Those storage containers look fab. I love that you can make them air tight. I'm after something like this at the moment for my flours. I get so frustrated when loose flour gets all over my cupboard shelves.

    1. Ooooo you should definitely have a look at these they are fab and perfect for flour x

  2. Those Pop storage containers sound brilliant! I like my jars mostly but brightly coloured tins are making a come back for me!

    1. I love tins for baked goodies and clear containers for storing cupboard essentials x

  3. I bought some little jars a bit like that from Lakeland- they have a mini button in the middle of the lid and it pushes all the air out or something. I prefer clear storage containers as otherwise I forget what is in them, although some things are meant to be kept in the dark.

    1. Me too it's all about the clear containers for me unless I'm storing homemade cake then it's a pretty tin x