Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Workout Wednesday: Bikini Bootcamp Series - Full Body

Hello and welcome back to my weekly Workout Wednesday post! Obviously last week I had the gluten free theme gong on so no workout but I am back today to give you a fab new routine that will get the heart pumping and burn some calories. I am actually going to start a little Bikini Bootcamp for all of those that are getting ready for the summer months and want their bodies in great shape for laying on the beach, going on holiday, wearing vest tops or shorts whatever your summer goal is lets get in shape for it!!

Bikini Bootcamp Full Body

Circuit 1 - Lower Body

DB Squats x 20
Reverse Lunge into Front Kick* x 15 e/s
Weighted Hip Raise* x 20
Squat Jump x 20


Circuit 2 - Upper Body

DB Bicep Curl into Shoulder Press x15
Press Ups x 15
Tricep Dips x 15
Star Jumps into DB Punches* - 2 mins 
(20 second switches)

x 3

Circuit 3 - Abs

High Plank Hold - 1 min
Feet Up Side Crunches x 15 e/s
Wide Feet Burpees* x 15
Lay Down Full Sit Ups* x 15



*Reverse lunge into front kick: this should be a continuos movement, reverse lunge and as you come up move into a front kick and repeat without putting your foot down until your back in the reverse lunge if you can!

*Weighted hip raise: hold a dumbbell or weight disc on your hips and perform your hip raise.

*Star jumps into DB punches: time yourself for 2 minutes alternating between star jumps and DB punches every 20 seconds. Use small 1.5kg dumbbells so you can hold them whilst doing the star jumps as well! 

*Wide feet burpees: start standing up with feet together, crouch down into a normal burpee then jump your feet back wide then jump back into the crouch position before jumping back up to standing. 

*Laydown sit ups: lay on your mat completely flat with your arms by your side, using your stomach muscles only sit up and reach down to your toes before laying back down again. Your arms should be by your side the whole time, this a slow and controlled movement. 


Work through each circuit and repeat straight away until you have done 3 sets then take a 2-5 minute rest depending on your fitness levels. Remember to warm up for at least 3 minutes before your workout and to have a cool down stretch after like this great yoga stretch from Tara Stiles I have been using on youtube:

I have been finding this a really great way to stretch after my workouts and it only takes 10 minutes so no excuses! 

Ok thats the first in my Bikini Bootcamp series as always these workouts will be posted on my Workout Wednesday page so you can refer back to them whenever you like. I will also from now on be explaining any of the exercise I think you may not quite get, to make the workouts easier for all you guys to understand and be able to perform correctly! 


Do you ramp up your workouts when the summer months start to approach? 

With only 34 days until Glastonbury I am definitely ramping up my workouts, I wanna look hot in my festival attire after all, even if I am unwashed!


  1. Ahh I wish I was good at yoga. That routine looks brilliant (both your workout and the yoga). It;s funny because most people will be getting ready for bikini holiday, but getting ready for Glastonbury is something I haven't heard before! Hehe.

    1. Thank you both are definitely worth a try! Hahahaha well Glastonbury is my summer holiday and if it's hot you don't wanna be wearing lots if clothes so obviously any bits of my body that are on show I want to be looking good!