Friday, 23 May 2014

Holland & Barrett Buddies - A Wonderful Parcel in the Post

A little while ago I wrote a post about my Holland & Barrett Buddie if you missed it you can read all about it here. The first post was all about what I had chosen for my blogger buddie and this one is all about what was chosen for me and I have to say I have been treated!

I love getting parcel in the post especially when they look like this!

First of all a massive thank you to Carly, she has done her homework and got me the products that are perfect for me! Obviously being a personal trainer Carly knows her stuff about eating well also and I am super excited to get in the kitchen and get dug in to all these goodies. Here are the products Carly chose and how I plan to use them.....

Smoothie Superfoods!

Now you all know how I love a smoothie and I also love adding in foods that are going boost the nutritional content so my smoothie can be more of a meal, keep me full and give my insides some happiness! Spirulina is great for overall health and makes your smoothies a wonderful green colour! Maca again has lots of health benefits especially for women and I love the caramel taste when added to smoothies.

Wheatgrass another product with many health benefits plus it's great for an energy boost and I actually really like the creamy flavour. Lucuma gives the body a great antioxidant and B Vitamin boost, is great in smoothies but also for making healthy treats which I will be experimenting with, watch this space!

Sweet Snacking

Chocolate well there is no hiding that I love it and can happily eat it every day especially after dinner so these chocolate treats are perfect especially as I love mint and coffee flavours! I am a snacker and like to keep some sort of bar in my bag at all times ready for a snack attack or prepared if there is no gluten free offerings I usually go for a Nakd bar but 9bars are another favourite of mine so I will happily be eating those : )

Seed Heaven

Hemp seeds are one of my favourites especially when sprinkled on a smoothie or some fresh fruit and yogurt so I can't wait to start sprinkling. I use golden linseeds for helping my tummy if I feel a little blocked up shall we say, they are great for gut health and help keep things flowing! Chia seeds well who doesn't love them especially as a pudding yum!

Other Foods and Supplements

Slim rice has had a bad rap if you ask me but then again I do like kelp noodles which are kind of odd too! Its not something I use a lot but it can bump up a meal's volume without adding extra calories, its definitely an acquired taste but mixed in with other foods I really like it. Almond butter has got to be one of my food addictions so I am glad this got added into my box of goodies, great for baking, topping rice cakes for a snack or just eating out of the pot which is more common for it! Gluten Free Flour, like me Carly is a gluten free girl too so luckily for me she has seen how I love to bake and this is perfect for cookies and cakes when I don't want to to use almond or coconut flour.

And finally we have these, Himalayan Pink Rose Crystals great for adding some health benefits to your cooking, coconut water which I love to drink straight up especially after a workout and lastly Vitamin C because its bloody amazing stuff that can heal and boost your health in hundreds of ways! There was also coconut oil but it wash't in stock so that will be winging itself to me at a later date.

What can say? Obviously a HUGE thank you to Holland & Barrett for these fab products and Carly for choosing them. I am looking forward to getting my bake on and using this fab box of goodies. Stay tuned for some yummy recipes!


Whats the best thing you received in the post lately?


  1. How posty never brings those sorts of goodies round....wonder if there are any ingredients there for making a gluten free sweetie somthing? ha ha
    Have a lovely Bank Holiday
    Lynn x

    1. I would say definitely! You too Lynn x

  2. I love getting parcels in the post! I got those cute pink trainers the other week which are just fab!
    What a lot of lovely things, although I must say I tried spirulina once and could not get the fishy taste out of my mouth so in the end sent the rest of the pack to someone else!

    1. I saw those trainers great colour! Yep you definitely need to hide the taste with more powerful ingredients!

  3. I need to try that Lucuma powder. Is it good? What's the taste like?

    1. I will let you know once I have experimented! I think it's a bit like caramel...