Friday, 2 May 2014

Holland and Barrett Buddies

A little while ago I was asked to take part in the Holland and Barrett Buddies Pair up. By taking part I agreed to be paired up with another blogger and buy them some goodies from Holland Barrett they then return the favour and buy me some goodies and both of us then review the items we receive. 

Now of course I said yes to this, one because who doesn't love products to review and two it was a fun way to meet new bloggers. The blogger I have been paired up with is Carly who is the creator of CarlyRowena Fitness Blog. We were paired up because we are both gluten intolerant and personal trainers so we have similar interests and needs. Carly's blog was new to me so its been great getting to read some new posts, she has some great recipes too and of course fitness tips! 

This first post is all about what I bought for Carly so lets have a look..........

Healthy Skin, Hair and Immune System

Carly like most of us likes to take care of herself so each of these products helps in some way to keep the body heathy. Vitamin C is a very powerful supplement that helps the body in loads of different ways with its healing powers so if its not something you take regularly made me you should think about it especially if your feeling run down! Omega 3 Fish Oils is known to help with high blood pressure as well as having many other benefits plus if you don't like eating fish this is a great option to benefit from the oils. Sea Kelp is a great source of vitamin and minerals and again has many health benefits such as helping with weight management and regulating hormones. Rose Otto Facial Serum  
is a great option for those who like to use natural products in their beauty routine and rose has been a popular essential oil to use on the face for many years. 

Baking/Healthy Recipe Ingredients

If you have checked out Carly's blog you will know she likes to keep fit and eat healthy so baking with healthy ingredients is a must! Whole Almonds and Cashews are perfect for snacking but also adding into cakes/biscuits and using in recipes like raw balls and raw cheesecakes. Gluten Free Oats are obviously great if your gluten intolerant they can be hit and miss for those with Coeliacs though but if you van use them then great! Check out this fab Lazy Girl Breakfast recipe from Carly using some GF oats. Almond and Cashew Butters are fabulous just eaten out of the jar and of course for baking! Desiccated Coconut is one of my favourites too, it is great for using in cakes, cookies, for crumble topping.....the list can go on and on fab ingredient! 

Healthy Snacks

Any healthy diet includes healthy snacks and Carly loves a healthy snack which is why she is getting these yummy ones to help her get through the day without turing to the biscuit tin! Pulsin's Raw Chocolate Brownie is perfect if your looking for a healthy chocolate fix. Kallo Rice Cakes can be used in lots of ways to grab a healthy snack maybe top yours with a nut butter or some jam and yogurt to keep you going till your next meal. Carly can't deny having a sweet tooth and gets her fix from Mild Ginger, Liquorice, and Strawberry YoYo's. She also likes to snack on homemade Popping Corn and a handful of Superfood Sprinkle

Coconut Oil

Finally but probably my favourite of the list is a big jar of Coconut Oil. You must have been stuck under a rock for the past few years if you still haven't got on the coconut oil band wagon. I have written lots about it myself and Carly is a lover too and uses it for all sorts of things much like me.

All in all a great list of goodies for Carly to try out, you'll have to keep and eye out for her post about what she thinks and how she uses these  items.


Do you use any of these products, what for?


  1. This is such a lovely idea. Getting food parcels in the post is one of my all time faves. That Pulsin's Raw Chocolate Brownie tastes divine!

    1. I know I love a good food parcel, it is going to be fun 😃

  2. Loving this swap goodies stuff, sounds so awesome! And I would actually kill for some of that Fruit of the Forest Liquorice. YUM!

    1. Yep it's fun to get involved, love a good swap!

  3. Sounds like a fun swap! I love coconut oil- on a warm scone with a little jam on top :) I bought some mango licorice when I was in the Lake District and it is lovely.

    1. Oooo a warm scone with coconut butter sounds so good!!