Sunday, 18 May 2014

Gluten Free Snacks and Treats

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Todays post, the last in my series of gluten free posts for coeliacs awareness week, is all about snacks and treats! I don't think anyone can say they don't indulge in a few snacks and treats throughout the week but being gluten intolerant it can be a bit of a nightmare especially if your out and about! If you like to make your own snacks and treats check out my pinterest board above for some fab ideas but if your short on time or find it easier to buy products in read on and find out about some great products on the market for you to try!

Kent and Fraser

First up are these yummy products from Kent and Fraser, who make a fabulous range of biscuits, shortbreads and cookies. I was sent some lemon shortbreads and stilton and walnut savoury biscuits. Well both of these were really nice the lemon shortbreads were my favourite as you are probably aware I am a zesty queen and love anything with citrus flavours and these didn't disappoint, nice and crunchy with a zesty zing! The stilton biscuits were not something I would normally buy as I am not really in to funky cheeses but I tried one and can honestly say these were rather tasty my dad loved them and happily took them off my hands! I am definitely going to try out some of the other flavours plus they have cute little twin packs perfect to keep in your bag ready for a snack attack! 

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Welsh Hills bakery - love more foods

I was really treated by the Welsh Hill Bakery when they sent through a range of goodies from their love more range. They make a wide range of gluten free and dairy free products perfect for those looking for alternatives to the common gluten types of biscuits and cakes. I was sent a pack of Jammy Wheels, O'Choccos, Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Custard Creams, Apple Pies and Cracker Breads, lots of the nations favourites but gluten free! I used to love a biscuit and a cuppa a few years back before having to go gluten free so these bring back memories especially of being a kid and enjoying a custard cream or jammy dodger which I loved! I can't really fault these they deliver in every way and if you wished you could still enjoy your favourite cakes and biscuits these give you that option. It can be annoying being the odd one out so if you have family or friends coming round it would be a great idea to get both gluten and gluten free types of your favourite treats so no one feels left out and they certainly wouldn't be disappointed with any of these, well done love more range! 

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Perkier Foods

Another range from Perkier Foods are these treat bars Tiffin and Rocky Road. Wow if you like a sweet treat these could be right up your street! They were a little too sweet for me to be honest, I couldn't eat a whole bar in one sitting but thats just me I know lots of people that rave about these so if you like a chocolate bar now again then having one of these could be an option for you. 

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Nature's Path

Last but not least on the snack front are Nature's Path new Nice and Nobbly Granola Bars which come in two different flavours Trail Mix and Dark Choc Chip. These are perfect for popping in your bag when your in need of something sweet while your out and about or if before going gluten free you enjoyed a granolas bar. I did find these on the sweet side I think the trail mix would definitely be my preferred bar out of the two, Dale on the other hand liked both and was more then happy to take them to work for his tea break. If your into granola type bars or even cereal you should check out Natures Path for some yummy gluten free alternatives to your house hold favourites! 

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So there we have it my last post in my coeliacs awareness week if you missed any of the others here are the links:

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I hope you have enjoyed these posts and have learnt a little and got some inspiration even if your not gluten intolerant! I think we could all do with a little less gluten in our lives : )


Have you tried any of the above snacks and treats, what did you think?


  1. Hi ya I have had some jammy wheels and they are lovely... would love the tiffin or rocky road must find out were they sell them yummy x

  2. I tried the Perkier tiffin but I had a tub of little bites so probably a better size than a huge bar! The trail mix bar sounds lovely, as does the lemon shortbread- I love lemon things too.

    1. I think bite size tiffin would be nicer but it is very sweet! Oh yes lemon is the best in cakes and cookies!