Thursday, 15 May 2014

Gluten Free Savoury Options

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Yay to the sunshine! What a beautiful Thursday we are having, I've been lucky enough to have the day off with Dale to enjoy some sun and his company which doesn't happen often on a week day! We are now back home with our feet up chilling which is the perfect time to get my forth post about gluten free living up for you to read. 

Todays post is all about eating gluten free savoury foods and to take a look at some of the products on offer. Since going gluten free I have not really missed foods that contain gluten because I was never a big eater of pasta, bread, ready meals and so on and because I make most of my meals from scratch its easy to keep gluten out of my diet. I think for those that are used to eating a more grain based diet it can be obviously very difficult so knowing there are products on offer to make life easy is always reassuring. If your looking for some savoury meal inspiration check out my Must Try Savoury Dishes pin board above and read on for some yummy gluten free products that are worth trying.....


I've said it before and I'll say it again and again ilumi to me are by far the best gluten free ready meals on the market. Everything of theirs I have tried has been awesome, they get it bang on every time with flavour, these meals really are a joy to eat. Before ilumi I didn't buy ready meals one because they aren't usually gluten free and two they more often then not contain all sorts of unnecessary ingredients which I wouldn't add when cooking for myself and don't want to eat in the food I buy ready made. ilumi use all natural ingredients and are gluten, nut and milk free which is great for us allergy suffers!

If you have not yet tried any of the ilumi products I suggest you change that and I would actually recommend signing up to their emails (not something I usually advise!)  because the deals they offer are really good, you get lots for your money! Keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter for great deals and lots of interesting info.


Garofalo make really tasty pasta which includes a gluten free range which is a blessing to those that love pasta but can't eat gluten. I have tried a few gluten free pastas but to be honest pasta is not something that comes to mind when making a meal but getting to try some new ranges has been fun plus I think Dale has been loving it, he's a pasta fiend! 

After trying Garofalo pasta I will definitely be buying more gotta say I loved it, it cooked perfectly every time and tasted really good. I mixed it with veggies and vegan pesto to make a quick, healthy and tasty meal which I would happily eat again and again.

The spaghetti cooked up well too and again I mixed it with vegan pesto and some steamed broccoli, Dale was super happy to be getting some spaghetti served up so I think he will be wanting more of this in the cupboard! If you are yet to find a gluten free pasta you like give or would like to try another brand then this could be the one for you keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter.  


I had never heard of Dee's tasty vegan foods before getting an offer to try out some of the vegan sausages. A lot of vegan foods and normal sausages contain gluten so these were rather appealing to me so I said a big yes to trying them! I was sent some Roast Garlic and Mushroom and Leek and Onion sausages. Me and Dale tried out the roast garlic and mushroom last night and they were really tasty. I did take a photo but to be honest the sausages fell apart when I cooked them so the photo would not have done them justice! The sausages were great and I would definitely buy them again but the falling apart was not so good but it may have been the way I cooked them (no added oil so they stuck to the foil!) I'm really looking forward to trying the other pack and will let you know how I get on. Keep up to date with Dee's on Facebook and Twitter


Another range that Glutafin do is pasta which I was kindly sent along with the bread I talked about in yesterdays post. I haven't as yet had chance to taste this so I got Dale to do the tasting for me (as I mentioned he's a pasta fiend!). He made the classic tuna mayo pasta with some red onion and in his words "its bloody awesome!" so there we have it a thumbs up for the Glutafin pasta! The only down fall for me is it has added cane sugar which I think could be left out and still work fine, I don't think pasta needs and sugar but hey thats just me....keep up to date with Glutafin on Facebook and Twitter. 

I hope you have enjoyed this savoury round up, I would love to know of any gluten free savoury alternatives you have come across and really liked, its always good to know of new brands to try! I will try and pop by tomorrow with some more gluten free info but if I don't find time I will be posting over the weekend including a post all about gluten free snacks and treats....well everybody needs them now and again!


Have you tried any of the above, what did you think?


  1. Loving your posts on Gluten Free stuff! I got some of the Dee's sausages as well, well keep an eye out for them falling apart!

    1. Dee tweeted me and said definitely brush with a little oil!

  2. Thanks so much Tam xx I suffer with an under-active thyroid and have been advised to cut out all gluten and I have found it really difficult especially my cakes (sad face) but your lovely suggestions are really helping so much .
    A huge thank you from me XXX

    1. Glad these posts are helping I have another featuring sweet treats and snacks so stay tuned!

  3. Great post! I have some of those sausages too, thanks for the tip! :-)

  4. Hi, Dee here, thanks for the lovely review! Yes, they are high protein (7g per sausages) so will stick without a wee brush of oil! You probably know already not to use the shiny side of the tinfoil - it's the duller side is the non-stick side. : ) Looking forward to your next report! Dee

    1. Hi Dee, thank you for the tips and coming to say hello x