Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Gluten Free Breakfast Options

Hiya, hows it going? 
I'm all good even though I have a kind of cold but I'm pretty sure its the weekend striking back! Nothing that lots of vitamin c won't fix I'm sure : )

I am continuing with the Gluten Free theme today (I will be all week!) with the topic of breakfast. This can be, for some, the most important meal of the day, others their favourite and if your suddenly told you need to eat gluten free the urge for buttered toast and cereal suddenly becomes out of control! Luckily there are lots of alternatives out there to make life a little easier. 


I have tried other gluten free breads before but not really got on with them, Glutafin is a new to me product that I have to say other then online I have not seen before. I was looking forward to trying out their Fresh Brown Loaf, I think anyone that used to be able to eat bread longs for a replacement that can work well as sandwiches and toast. The best gluten free bread I have ever tried was homemade but when you need something quick its good to know the option is there. 

I really like this bread, it tastes the most savoury out of all the gluten free bought breads I have tried, the others have a sweet taste to them! The Glutafin bread was great for eggs on toast, the perfect Sunday breakfast.  We also used it for tuna sandwiches, again tasty and Dale approved too which is good as the others he has tried have not had the thumbs up! 

If your gluten intolerant I would definitely say give this a go, its quite expensive at £3.99 a loaf but for a treat I think its worth it. You can follow Glutafin on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date. 

Lizi's Granola

Now I don't know about you but I am partial to a bowl (or two!) of granola but obviously those pesky oats can be a problem with a gluten intolerance. I did try some gluten free oats ages ago but they didn't settle too well so I was a little apprehensive when offered to try some Lizi's Granola. I can't deny I am a big fan of Lizi's and used to buy it all the time and being informed that they use non contaminated field oats to make there granola sealed the deal! Lizi's have just started making individual portions of granola to make it easy to eat on the go, I know lots of people that have to have breakfast on the train or when they get to work so these are a great idea plus I think portion control is also good when it comes to granola! There are 3 different flavours Original, Belgian Chocolate and Treacle Pecan, all of which are delicious!

We took some of the granola with us on our recent fishing trip to eat for breakfast, the packets of granola also have lactose free dried milk in the pack which means you only need a little water added to make a creamy portion of yummy granola and they have a free spoon so your totally sorted for breakfast on the go! Love these and felt no tummy pains from eating them so I would say give these a go but try to keep to only one pack.....its a challenge! Keep up to date with Lizi's on Facebook and Twitter.

Perkier Foods

Perkier Foods is another new to me product, I have seen them when out shopping in Tesco's but never actually bought them so this was great to get to try their products! They make a range of breakfast products perfect for those with a gluten intolerance that can't let go of a good bowl of oats or cereal in the morning! There is also the option of porridge pots which I have only ever seen for those that don't suffer with an allergy so this is another great option for those that need to eat at work.

I took a pot of the apple, cinnamon and raison porridge with me yesterday for work and really enjoyed it. The porridge is not overly sweet either which I liked and no weird tummy so all good!

This morning I tried the breakfast flakes and again not too sweet, nice and crisp and a nice change, I haven't had cereal for ages. I would definitely buy these Perkier products again as I think they are great if you need a quick breakfast at home or on the go plus I am a sucker for good packaging and I love the bright colours used on these products! You can keep up to date with them on Facebook and Twitter

I hope this post has given you some ideas if you are gluten intolerant or just fancy trying out something new, I will be back tomorrow to share some Savoury Gluten Free products so stay tuned! 


Have you tried any of the above, what did you think?


  1. I have tried the Perkier porridge pots and also some lovely tiffin by them, delicious :) I think it is great how many gluten free products are available now- one of my friends is a coeliac and it is much easier now than even a few years ago to cater for her.

    1. Totally agree your not such the outcast these days being gluten intolerant!