Monday, 5 May 2014

Bank Holiday Carp Fishing With The Mr

Hello all, have you had a good Bank Holiday? Mine has been fab helped along with the lovely sunshine, a little cool in the breeze but I'm definitely not complaining! Saturday as usual I worked at the shop then after work me and Dale went to the cinema to see Bad Neighbours, funny film at times but not the greatest movie I have ever seen : )

We had a lazy start to Sunday morning and for breakfast I made us egg on gluten free toast (more on this soon). It was so good, eggs perfectly cooked and the bead was some of the best I've tried. We hung out for a bit while our breakfast settled then had to start thinking about getting ready for our fishing trip.

We didn't get going till lunch time so I made us a yummy, banana, mango and avocado smoothie to keep us going till we ate later.....this was awesome, sunshine in a glass! 

The lake that Dale fishes on is gorgeous and surrounded by countryside.

We set up and got comfy then waited........

Whoop! Dale got two fish this was the smaller of two at 19lb, I didn't get the other pictured but it was way bigger at 26lb! 

The view from where we camped was beautiful in the evening...

And in the morning! 

We woke up quite early and after few cuppa's we had breakfast, gluten free granola with banana (more on the granola soon!), this was really good and the perfect camping breakfast.

All in all a great trip, the weather was lovely, a little cold but we coped! I love it when Dale takes me along with him, I didn't hold any fish this time but next time I definitely will! Its really nice being away even just for the night and I love camping so this is so much fun for me  : )


What did you do over the long weekend?


  1. Oh my life that is a big fish!!! Wow!! Congrats to Dale. Fish for dinner, eh? :)

    1. And that was the little one! Ha no unfortunately carp get put back if only it was trout!

  2. I know I sad this already on IG but I'm going to say again: your dude is one of the dopest fishermen ever. A 26lbs carp? That's some fish.
    A virtual fist bump to Dale, he's quite the man!

    1. Hahaha and those are little compared to some of the beasts he nets! I will pass your fist bump along!