Thursday, 1 May 2014

April Was Rather Tasty.....

First of all happy 1st of May!!!!!

I am really looking forward to May and all it has to bring, I have some fun stuff planned with friends and family and hopefully work will stay busy like it has been these past few months : )

Todays post is all about how tasty April was food wise, lots of pics that have sat in my photo library just waiting for their time to be seen, well their time is now! Hopefully this will give you some foodie inspiration : )


Believe it or not these are all green smoothies that are all very pink! Ha its my love of blueberries and raspberries that make my smoothies this colour but if you follow me on Instagram you will know there were some green ones through the month too! 

I usually use the same base to a smoothie 
 spinach, water/nut milk, avocado/bananas or both then some frozen berries which is usually blueberries or raspberries.

On other occasions I use 
 frozen mango or pineapple 

Other add in's I sometimes throw in are 
maca, raw rice protein powder, tahini (especially good with blueberries!), matcha green tea, wheatgrass, spirilina, stevia 

Plus I love a topping 
 nuts, seeds, coconut, cacao nibs basically something crunchy!


I finally got some veggies into my juicer to make a delicious green juice. I was a little hungover last weekend and the can of orange sanpellegrino was definitely needed!Frothy coffee made at home are a  must some times and I was treated to a homemade cacao shake whilst at my sisters the other day, so good! 

Meat and Eggs

I am kind of addicted to eggs so it is no surprise to see an array of them here! My favourite omelette add ins are mushrooms and courgettes and sometimes a spoonful of zest pesto which is what I had with the chicken in the top left corner. Last Sunday me and Dale had a yummy mushroom omelette with smoky bacon for breakfast it was a great way to start the day after a few drinks! 

Vegan and Vegetarian 

Me and Dale went to my sisters on Sunday night for dinner and her husband cooked us the best vegan meal I have had in a long time it was GLORIOUS!! Just roasted butternut squash with a rice dish but the flavours were out of this world, perfect spice combinations I will be getting the recipes for these and I will share them with you because you have to try them! I made a really good chickpea and vegetable vegan curry at the beginning of the week.....yes chickpea! I haven't eaten pulses for so long that I am trying to add them back into my diet slowly and this curry went down fine so fingers crossed I can start to eat them again without too many issues! I think it is more whole pulses then ground as I have been enjoying some gram flour and egg omelettes which again aren't making my tim play up, thank god cause they are really tasty and really filling : )

Dark Chocolate Instant Rice Pudding

I was really wanting a comfort food style pudding the other day which wasn't cray unhealthy but tasted it and I can up with this chocolate pudding which tasted delicious even to Dale so it must be ok. Its also very quick to make which is a bonus........

(serves 2 generously)

1/2 cup of fine ground rice
1.5 cup coconut rice milk
1Tbsp cacao
3 large pure cacao choc chips
 (got them from Tesco)
1Tbsp Original Coconom coconut sugar
2Tbsp desiccated coconut toasted 


Add the rice and milk into a small pan over a very low heat. After the milk starts to heat up stir the mix and add in all other ingredients. Continue to stir to make sure everything is combined. While the rice cooks add the desiccated coconut to a frying pan and dry fry until toasted then set aside. Keep an eye on the rice and stir continuously until the mix starts to form a soft dough which will, when cooked, form into a soft ball. You know the rice is cooked when it becomes this dough which means its time to serve! Put into two bowls and sprinkle with the toasted coconut. We added a little more milk over ours too.......

Tasty and not too bad for the thighs!

Homemade Face Scrub

Lastly I have this little gem to share with you not food to eat but food for your face! Yes I am well aware this looks like nut butter of some kind but its not, its my homemade face scrub!


1 small pot raw organic coconut oil
3 Tbps aduki beans


Boil some water in the kettle, put the jar of coconut oil in a pan and pour the boiled water around it, leave it to melt the oil. Put the aduki beans in a coffee grinder and grind the beans until they make a fine meal. Once the coconut oil is melted add the beans and stir. The beans will sink ti the bottom whilst the oil is liquid so you will need to stir the beans every hour until the oil is set again. Thats it! You now have a homemade face scrub that contains no nasties just good food for your face, I have been using this regularly since making it and face feels great : )

Well lovely readers I hope you can take some good stuff away from this post and have enjoyed the read.


Do you make your own beauty products?


  1. Happy May Day Tamzin! You make my kind of food... this all looks so appetizing and delicious, especially those bright pink (green) smoothies :-) And that facial scrub sounds amazing. Aduki beans? Never would have thought of them in a scrub in a million years! I have started making my own beauty products more and more lately. Coconut oil is my number 1 ingredient, definitely. I use it as a makeup remover/cleanser every night and it works better than any product I've ever bought!

    1. Awwww thank you! And yep aduki beans are perfect, I also agree coconut oil is the bomb!

  2. I have never heard of using beans to scrub before! I like sugar scrubs as they are gentler.

    1. They actually work really well but you do need to grind them down to a fine meal as they are quite rough!

  3. I think I'd probably make such a mess trying to do my own beauty products hehe.
    I love your egg meals - eggs are such a favourite of mine. And the butternut squash meal sounds divine.

    1. Eggs are just so good and that meal my sisters husband made was insanely good!

  4. Awesome recipe for the face scrub, I will have to give that one a try! It makes me think of a japanese one you used to be able to get at the Body Shop. I love making my own face masks and body scrubs, never thought of the face on though!

    1. Thank you! It goes very solid but warms straight up in the hands obviously and makes the face feels so fab afterward!