Sunday, 13 April 2014

Super Tasty Sweet Potato and Garlic Mushroom Pancake!!

Well I've had a fab weekend, enjoyed the sun, eaten good food and hung out with friends, definitely can't complain! Todays post is another onslaught of foodie pictures that have been on my phone and not yet shared and as its quite late I will keep it short and sweet. I do have an awesome sweet potato pancake recipe to share with you also : )

Coffee, coffee coffee, how I love it so and I love it even more with a teaspoon of Coconom's coconut good! 

I've been getting into my smoothie groove with Laura's green smoothie challenge, they actually green as you will see later in the post! 

I have been loving the sunshine all week, especially today its been beautiful!

This is one of my favourite combos but I don't have it very often so it was a real treat, chopped apple topped with cottage cheese, seeds and cinnamon 

SEE this is definitely green! It was also delicious I whizzed up some spinach, frozen mango, soy milk, 1/2 avocado, banana, matcha and a little water then topped with coconut and seeds

Another simple snack bowl of chopped apple, natural yogurt, sliced almonds, cinnamon and a drizzle of honey

Ooooooo and here it is the most delicious sweet potato and garlic mushroom pancake!! Wow I could eat this every other day of the week it was so good and here's how to make it so you can try it too:

You need:
1 small sweet potato, peeled and steamed/microwaved
2 eggs
4-5 small mushrooms
1 garlic clove
coconut oil for frying
salt and pepper to season

To make:
Cook your sweet potato by either chopping and steaming or in the microwave. While the potato cooks put a frying pan over a low heat and add some coconut oil, once its melted add a crushed garlic clove. Chop the mushrooms into little slices (I cut mine really small so they went crispy) then add to the pan. Once the potato is soft put it in a bowl and mash till smooth then mix in the 2 eggs and some salt and pepper. Fry the mushrooms until they start to crisp then pour over the potato and egg mix, shake the pan a little to make sure the batter is spread evenly then leave to brown. The pancake will firm up and start to bubble when the underside is done. You will need to use a large spatular to turn this pancake as its pretty heavy and will break without it. Flip it over and cook for another minute or so then serve with either salad or veggies. Enjoy!

Today after a coffee I did a core workout followed by a run then came home and enjoyed another green smoothie, very green and very tasty! 

Then me and Dale took his sisters dog for a walk round some local woods, the weather was glorious and we had a fab day : )

Ok that was an onslaught of info and pictures for you so on that note I shall say goodbye!


What did you do over the weekend, was it sunny for you too?


  1. The weather has been glorious here! Love the sunshine!
    Those pancakes sound good :)

    1. Glad to hear your getting some sunshine love too!!

  2. I love that teaspoon in the first pic. So pretty. Ahh that pancake recipe sounds divine. I do love sweet potato and well pancakes are amazing anyway!

    1. Ahhhh yes that is my favourite teaspoon!

  3. These sound so simple and delicious, mmm. And yes, I've been loving the weather too but unfortunately I picked up a cold. Cold + hayfever = no sun fun for me :-( But hopefully I'll be able to enjoy it some more next week :-)

    1. Oh no!!! Hope you can enjoy it soon x