Friday, 11 April 2014

My Three Favourite Foodie Blogs

Hi all, hope your having a good week the sun has been glorious in my neck of the woods which has been lovely. I have been busy with clients and Coconom so this past few days have flown by and we are nearly at the weekend again! 

I have also been loving reading all the blogs I follow and whilst doing so I thought I would share my top three favourite foodie blogs, the ones I can't miss and look forward to reading on a daily basis or whenever they have a new post.  Each one of these blogs write great posts and if you don't already follow then you should! 

The Iron You

I have followed Mike's blog, The Iron You, for a long time now and look forward to his recipes and health and fitness posts. Mike is a triathlete and nows how to eat well, his recipes are awesome and I want to dive into all of his photos head first and eat eat eat! Most of the recipes Mike posts are gluten free, vegan or paleo which is usually perfect for me and he really knows how to dress up a photo to make you wish you were his friend and got to go round, hang out and eat with him : )

Above, one of Mike's creations which looks and sounds awesome. I love the idea of using cauliflower in place of bread. I have tried a cauliflower pizza base which I loved and next on the list are these hot pockets and the cheesy garlic cauliflower bread, yum! So if you haven't already go check out Mike's blog and start pinning you need his recipes in your life!

Wallflower Girl

Next up is Aimee's blog Wallflower Girl, I only discovered this wonderful blog a little while ago and I am hooked! The recipes are fab and again this girl nows how to take a picture plus the flavour combos she uses are my favourites, I can't get enough! She is very creative not just with her recipes but with crafts and floral creations which makes her blog a joy to read : )

The above recipe I just had to share, lemon had got to be my favourite flavour to add to cakes, cookies, savoury foods and so on and these cookies look delightful. Lemon curd was always my go to spread when I was little so these cookies need to be in life, gotta make them but I am not sure they will look as pretty! I think you should all go say hi to Aimee, I'm pretty sure you will become obsessed like I have : )

Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish

Last but definitely not least is my blogger bestie Laura who (as if you don't know!) writes Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish. Me and Laura have been blogger friends for a good few years now and I love her blog, I read all of her posts and if I miss any I make myself a cuppa get comfy and back track so I can keep up to date with all her goings on and any tips she has shared. If you have ever met Laura you will know she is exactly the same as how she comes across on her blog a fabulous person all round : )

Now this girl nows how to bake and this Caramel Apple Cake is just one of her many wonderful recipes that you can find on her blog. There is so much variety you won't bored and there is a recipe for all diets so go check her out!! 

So those are my top three favourite foodie blogs but there are so many more that I read and love, as well as loads I have not yet found so I would love you to share your top three. I think its good to support your blogging buddies and help get the word out as some slip through the net and I love to find new ones that I can get more recipes from so please share! 

What are your top three foodie blogs?


  1. Thanks Tam, you're so lovely! I love reading your blog too :D x

    1. Awwww thanks, your very welcome x

  2. Thanks lovely, so chuffed to be included here!

    1. Your welcome! But you know I love your blog x

  3. Love Laura's blog too. The other two are new to me, looking forward to checking them out!

    1. Ooooo have fun they are wonderful!!