Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April Reviews

Hello lovely readers, how we doing? Can you believe we have one more day of April then its May!? Crazy huh, this year seems to be going faster then the last thats for sure!

Over the past month or so I have had lots of companies get in contact to do reviews and I chose the products I think you guys would be interested in finding out about. I have also decided to go back to my monthly review post as it gets a bit too much doing a new review each week, there are some reviews that obviously need their own post but I like to keep those to a minimum if possible. So sit back with a cuppa and have a read through of what I think about all these new to me products.
(All thoughts and words are my own).

Seed and Bean

First up is the wonderful Seed and Bean chocolate, before I go on to what the chocolate tastes like I just have to say how much I am in love with the packaging of these chocolate bars! I am a total sucker for good packaging and these just tick all the boxes, so pretty and colourful perfect to give as gifts or to bring out when friends are over, love it! 

Onto the chocolate! I was sent a bar of Raspberry and Vanilla White Chocolate , Cornish Sea Salt and Lime Milk Chocolate and Lemon and Poppy Seed White Chocolate. Now if I am honest I tend to go for dark chocolate these days but I was happy to try these rather interesting flavour combos! All the bars are organic, fair-trade and made in England blending pure cocoa beans and natural flavours into some awesome flavours. I liked all of the bars I was sent but I think the Sea Salt and Lime was my favourite as I do find white chocolate a little sickly, saying that the white chocolate bars lasted longer because 4 small squares at a time was a perfect sweet hit and the taste is really good! 

I will definitely be investing in some more of these chocolate bars and I am looking forward to trying some of the dark varieties especially Lemon and Cardamon that sounds wonderful! If you would like to keep up to date with all the Seed and Bean goings on you can check them out on Twitter and Facebook

The lovely people over Twinings sent me some of their new Green Tea range including Ginger Bread,  Caramelised Apple and Salted Caramel. I think I am one of those people that would love to like the taste of green tea but sadly I don't but add in some flavours and keep the brewing to a couple of minutes and my mind is changed, absolutely love these teas! 

Out of the three teas the salted caramel is definitely my favourite but all of the teas taste good and makes drinking green tea something I enjoy. You can check out Twinings on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date. 

This past month I have been experimenting with some Borderfields British Rapeseed Oil which I was sent to try out. Borderfields rapeseed oil is cold pressed and is a blend of omega three, six and nine. I found this oil had quite a strong nutty flavour which is perfect for dressings. I made a simple tofu and quinoa salad which was delicious:

1.5 Cup Cooked Red Quinoa
Tender Stem Broccoli
Olive Tofu
1Tbsp Borderfields Rapeseed Oil
1/2 Lemon 
Salt and Pepper

In a large bowl add your cooked quinoa, squeeze half a lemon over it, add the oil and salt and pepper, mix. 

Lightly steam the tender stem and while it steams chop the olive tofu. Add the tofu to the quinoa and once the tender stem is cooked but still a little crunchy add it in too. 

Mix again then serve, simple! 

I also used the oil as a dressing for some roasted veggies, another simple dish! I literally chopped some veggies and drizzled with rapeseed oil, dried herbs and some garlic powder then roasted.

Sometimes the simple dishes are the best! I really like this oil and would definitely buy it as an alternative to olive oil. Wanna check out Borderfields for your self? Keep up to date with their Twitter and Facebook feeds. 

KANKUN Mexicn sauces are gluten and nut free and come in a range of different flavours as well as a cool bottle! The idea was thought up by Rolando Cardenas after sneaking into the kitchen as a child and picking up the now how from his family, so these are authentic Mexican flavours. I was offered a bottle to try and even though spicy food is a hit and miss for me I thought I would give this a go and if I didn't get on with it I was sure Dale would be more then happy to use it up! I decided to try the KANKUN Mild sauce which is said to be smokey and gentle. 

I made a turmeric chicken dish with veggies and poured some of the sauce on......was it hot yes.....was it smokey yes......was it too hot no......was it nice OH YES! Slowly but surely my spice tolerance is going up (Dale is training me!) and this sauce was really good, I couldn't have loads as I still did find it pretty spicy but I would happily eat this again. Its good to find sauces like this that are gluten free too as usually thats not the case. If you like it hot or love some Mexican food in your life I would definitely recommend trying these sauces out you can catch them on Facebook and Twitter

Onto something refreshing now with ViVA drinks. These are a new range of drinks that come in four flavours Mind, Defence, Detox and Calm. These drinks are all made by blending fruit juices with water and botanical extracts to make 100% natural and functional drinks. Gotta say I liked all of them but my favourite would have to be Calm I really liked the blend of flavours. All of them are really refreshing though and I would be happy to buy these when I'm out and about for a refreshing pick my up if I fancied something other then water. You can check ViVA drinks out on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with their goings on. 

If you have followed my blog for a while you will know I am a lover of ilumi products, as of yet I have never had anything that doesn't taste good from this company. All their products are gluten, nut and milk free plus the flavours are always bang on! I was lucky enough to be sent two of the new products on offer Lamb Rogan Josh and Kerala Chicken Curry. Once again these didn't disappoint both tasted wonderful and I will be ordering some to keep in the cupboard when I need something that is quick and easy but tastes good and is also healthy. I don't ever buy microwave meals but for ilumi I make an exception because their awesome! Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with all the new products and shopping deals they have. 

Another new to me product is next, one that I was super excited to receive! Holy Lama has made these fab bottles of highly concentrated spice extracts which I think are fab. I have really gotten in to experimenting with spices and really flavoursome food since moving in to my own home, and having my own kitchen, so I was happy to try one of these spice extracts out! I chose Turmeric as I love the taste and it's got some great health benefits too. The Spice Drops are oil based and infused with the natural spices with no added nasties and I like the idea that if you've finished your dish but it needs that extra something you can add a few drops rather then having to cook the dry spices up or brew them its an instant taste blast! 

I have been trying out the Turmeric one I had to try in all sorts of things, I made a mushrooms and courgette omelette with gram flour and egg then added in a few drops and it was gorgeous, a little goes a long way to the flavour is really great. I have also added it to curries and I will be trying it out in some baking too. All in all I love this idea, it won't stop me from buying my powder spices as I like to cook up with them and they are quite in expensive but I am definitely looking forward to investing in some of the other flavours. 

If you would like to know more about Holy Lama and all the other stuff she sells and writes about you should check out her site there are some great products and blog posts and you can also catch her on Twitter

Last but not least I was sent some new sports products to try out, ActiPatch which is a drug a free way of getting pain relief to particular ares of the body by using electromagnetic pulse therapy. I was sent one for  knee pain which I have been known to suffer from after a good run. Now the only trouble with reviewing something like this is if you suffer from said knee pain, I unfortunately have been fine but I thought it was a good opportunity to tell you about something new on the market that might help you. I know I have few runners that read my blog and that have suffered with injuries over the past few months so this could be right up your street! Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

The other product I was sent is called Litozin+ and is a supplement to help you maintain healthy and flexible joints. Again another products that is kind of difficult to review as it takes at least 30 days to get anything from a new supplement but I can tell you that the sachets tastes ok when mixed with water I am yet to try it on food. This product does have some good health benefits but I am also a little put off by the other ingredients in the list so I probably would't buy it again.

Right that's it all done and dusted, I hope you got to find out about some new products here I would love to know if you have tried any and what you think.


Have you tried any, what did you think?


  1. I love seed and bean chocolate- they have some lovely unusual flavours too, although I have been asking them to make a peanut butter one!

  2. The knee thing sounds amazing!!
    Like you I'm not a fan of green tea taste so the tea sounds lovely.
    Like the idea of the spice drops as well - how handy.
    The chocolate sounds very interesting - sea salt and lime? I suppose you need to try it to see really. Looks cool though.

    1. I actually thought of you while writing about the knee thing! Yes the tea is definitely worth a try if your not too keen and I agree the spice drops are really handy. The chocolate is just awesome so yes you have to try it!

  3. The seed and bean chocolate looks lovely, like the sound of the sea salt one!

    1. It's do good and I just love the packaging!

  4. Wow so many cool products- not heard of most of these before! The chocolate sounds interesting :-)

    1. The chocolates amazing definitely a must try if you see it out and about 😊