Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Workout Wednesday: Abs Circuit!

Well readers here we are again time to get your sweat on and work those muscles! I hope your liking this weekly workout feature and its giving you some new workouts to try out, as always if you get a chance to try one of my workouts I would love to know how you get on and what you think : )

Today's workout is short and sweet. Its targeting your Abs at every angle and would be perfect to add on to a workout for an extra blast! 

Abs Circuit

Circuit 1
High to Low Plank
Feet Up Crunch
Side Plank Raises Left
Side Plank Raises Right

Circuit 2
Leg Raises
Mountain Climbers
Bicycle Crunch
Plank Jacks

Perform each exercise in circuit 1 for 30 seconds back to back then take a 30 second break before repeating another 2 times then move on to circuit 2.


Whats your favourite Abs exercise?


  1. Great workouts!
    I think my favourite are bicycle crunches. I get into a rhythm. But I do quite like varying planks - like the high to low plank or walking my hands out in front and then back.

    1. Thank you! I love the bicycle crunch too you can really feel it working x

  2. Looks like a great workout, I like planks, bicycle crunches and the scorpion.

    1. Thanks! Let me know if you try it x