Thursday, 27 March 2014

BFree Brown Seeded Loaf Review

If you are a regular reader of Salad and Sequins you will know I am gluten intolerant which has its challenges but is easy to cope with if you know how, which luckily I do! It can be difficult especially when your out and about as the usual offerings more then likely contain gluten of some kind. I have to admit I don't actually miss any of the things you think I might like bread, pasta, cakes and pastries as they were never a huge part of my diet anyway. 

BFree Brown Seeded Loaf Review

Saying that there are some times that I really fancy a piece of cheese on toast or a sandwich which can be provided in this day and age through gluten free alternatives like a BFree brown seeded loaf! I don't usually buy gluten free bread products because even though they are safe for me to eat the ones I have tried still seem to give me a tummy ache. I have never tried the Bfree range so with an offer to review I thought I would give it go : )

My first try of the loaf was Sunday morning when I made me and Dale eggy bread! Geez its been a long time since I made eggy bread and this did not disappoint, I whisked up 4 eggs which some coconut dream rice milk and seasoned with salt and pepper before dipping and coating each slice of bread. The eggy bread was then lightly fried in coconut oil and served with gluten free sausages and mushrooms. Fabulous Sunday breakfast I must say : )

The eggy bread turned out perfectly and was really tasty, Dale loved it too. One thing I have noticed with gluten free bread alternatives id they taste kind of sweet but I think with the egg and other savoury items this was disguised so all good.

The rest of the loaf went into the freezer to be kept for the second taste round! 

I made a yummy butternut squash and sweet potato soup on Tuesday (similar to this one, except chill instead of tandoori spice) and decided to toast up some bread for dipping, which made a change from rice cakes! I toasted up some of the seeded loaf and spread with a little butter and we dipped! The bread does taste a little sweet but not in a bad way it definitely was nice to have something different to have with our soup : )

So what do I think of the BFree brown seeded loaf? 
I think its really tasty and would be great for those looking for an alternative to bread. It did leave me a little bloated, nothing like gluten does, which I am sure is down to some of the ingredients used in gluten free bread alternatives but I was aware this might happen. It definitely was not as bad as a reaction I have had from other brands so I would be happy to eat this again but maybe not as a regular  in my diet. 

If you fancy trying BFree bread or any other of their products you can keep up to date with them on Twitter and Facebook.


Have you tried BFree products, what did you think?


  1. I'm not a huge bread eater and probably wouldn't buy gluten free anyway as I'm fine with gluten, but it does sound interesting and I'm glad it didn't cause you any major problems!

    1. I do wish I had no issues with gluten but its good to know if your in need of a gluten alternative fix you can get your hands on one!