Thursday, 20 March 2014

Bannisters Farm Baked Potato Review

Hi readers hows it going? I'm pretty good especially as my little rust wagon of a car had its MOT today and it passed, yay! Other then waiting around for my car to be sorted my day has seen me train some clients and pick up lots of exciting post from my dads, I love getting parcels! I have more clients a little later which is why I am dropping in now, while I have a break, to share a yummy foodie review which is all about potatoes. Baked potatoes to be precise not something I would normally eat unless they are of the sweet potato variety but these came as a nice surprise : )

First up I tried these ready baked potatoes. These are perfect for keeping in the freezer for those times you are in need for a quick meal. You can also oven bake them which takes a little longer but for me a baked potato is all about the crispy skin so I baked! Like I said for me its usually a sweet potato, I never buy white potatoes for us but these reminded me that I do really enjoy a white baked potato.

We had a classic filling of tuna mayo and there was no need for butter (not that I would have it with mayo anyway!) as these jackets are cross cut and drizzled with a little olive oil when baked. The jackets cook up perfectly, crispy skin and a fluffy centre, delicious! 

I was also sent some mini jacket potatoes to try out which again I oven backed. They too had the perfect crispy skins and fluffy centres and are pre baked with a little olive oil for that extra yummy taste. 

We filled our mini jackets with cheese and coleslaw, Dales choice, which was super tasty. Rather indulgent for me to be honest but they tasted damn fine! I had two of the little jackets but only ended up eating one, they are very filling : )

I also tried a mini jacket with a tin of mackerel in tom sauce, perfect combo and perfect for a hangover! 

To sum up I really like Bannisters Farm pre-baked jackets. They are perfect for those of you that need an easy go to meal or if like me you don't tend to eat potatoes that often but sometimes fancy one. I wouldn't buy these all the time but I would definitely buy a box now and again to keep in the freezer, I think Dale would like them there thats for sure, he loved them! You can keep up to date with the Bannisters Farm on Twitter and Facebook.


Have you tried pre-baked jacket potatoes like Bannisters?

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