Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Workout Wednesday + Nike Review

Are you ready for a new workout?? 
I hope so because I am here today to give you a killer session that can be done anywhere, all you need is your body weight and some determination to complete todays session lets get sweaty!!!

Full Body Cardio Circuit

Run on Spot
Reverse Lunge to Front Kick (alternating)
Squat Jump 
Sumo Squat Pulse
Star Jump
Mountain Climbers
Front Kicks
Plank Jacks
High Knees

Perform each move for 45 sec followed by a 15 sec break continuously until you complete every exercise this will take 10 minutes. Take a 3 minute break and repeat another 2 times!!

Now onto my Nike review! 

I was very lucky to be asked to review some Nike training gear. I have to admit Nike dominates my training outfits, I love their trainers especially the brightly coloured ones and all the clothing I find really flattering and comfortable. I chose these really funky trainers and some running socks, I have been meaning to buy some of these for ages!

When I am buying new sports clothing there are two main things I like to keep in mind.....are they comfortable? they look good? Being comfortable is my main priority as I spend half my life in sports gear but that is also why it is important for me to feel good and look good! 

The Nike Free running range of trainers are probably my favourite trainers to wear, I have several pairs and all of them are really comfortable from the word go. You can literally just buy and wear without the fear of getting blisters! I find them great for working out, I wouldn't personally wear them for long distance running as I need more padding but short runs and cross training theses are perfect! For me though these don't only feel good they look awesome too and I love the range of colours you can get these trainers in : )

As I mentioned the running socks have been on my "to get" list for ages so I was super happy to get some for review. My sister swears by these socks and I gotta say she is right these socks are great! They have a cushioned heals which make them a snug fit inside your trainers which is a must for me, I hate socks that slip about! They are also breathable and are made with a Dri-Fit fabric which keeps the feet dry, great for exercising, I will definitely be investing in some more of these, I have needed a sock draw overhaul for a long time! 

To sum up I was already Nike girl and I will be staying true to my favourite fitness brand! If like me you look for comfort and style from your training gear then these products are a good place to start!


Do you have a favourite fitness brand?

What is more important to you comfort, style or both?


  1. That looks like a great workout Tam, also loving the bright Nike trainers. They would brighten any dull day.

    1. Its definitely a sweaty one! Yep trainers have gotta be bright!

  2. Yeah for trainers it's all about cushioning and support for my feet (Christopher McDougall be damned). But those trainers look lovely and are perfect for the gym! I'm a huge Nike fan. I wear a lot of Nike gear for running. You pay for quality.

    1. They are so comfy I love them, your right you do get what you pay for and Nike is such good quality it lasts!

  3. I still don't own anything Nike, but am on the lookout for some new trainers, so will keep them in mind!

    1. Ooooo you should they are a great trainer!

  4. I always used to have Nike trainers but recently I have been wearing Mizuno ones, and I have a pair of Asics trail shoes. I just choose whichever feels the most comfy.

    1. I also gave a pair of Asics which love : )

  5. I quite like Nike as well, those trainers look great, I could definitely do with a new pair!

    1. The free running ones are sooooo comfy x