Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Workout Wednesday + My Zinger Review

Hi all can't believe my last hello was on Saturday! Well they say time flies when your having fun : )
I have had a good week so far including client sessions, my own workouts and doing bits around the house. I am super lucky to have lots of time to workout but I know it can be a challenge for lots of people so this week my Workout Wednesday session is another one that can be completed within 20 minutes and who doesn't have 20 minutes 3 times a week?

20 Minute Circuit:

Reverse Lunges
Dumbbell Punches 
(or use water bottles/cans of food)

Perform each exercise for 40sec then break for 20sec before moving to the next exercise. Once you have completed all 4 moves repeat 5 more times.
This will take a total of 20 minutes (NO BREAKS other than your allotted 20 seconds!)
Workout Done!

Now before, during and after we all know how important it is to stay hydrated but if you get a bit bored of plain old water then why not give these a try...........

I was sent these two very cool looking water bottles to try out and not only do they look good they  can make your water taste awesome! The orange lidded bottle is named the Citrus Zinger  especially designed to flavour your water with citrus fruits by freshly pressing them in the base.  So if you are a lemon water lover like me this is a dream come true! I love lemon flavoured water and have been enjoying my freshly pressed lemon with this bottle, great idea!

The blue lidded bottle is named the Aqua Zinger and is used for flavouring the water with fresh fruit, so if you like things fruity this is the bottle for you! I have had to give this one up to Dale, he never drinks enough water but with this he gets some fruity flavours which he's loving. You add fresh fruit to the base of the bottle and as you screw it back on it grinds your chosen fruits then releases the flavour into the water, Dale is loving a mix of berries and fresh mint!  

I think these bottles are a really fun idea, I love water as is but these give me the option to change things up. So if you or anyone you know isn't ken on drinking water plain check these out on the  website or on Facebook and Twitter!


Do you drink your water plain or do you like some flavour?


  1. I'm such a fan of squash so I know these would probably be ideal for me. I probably drink way too much squash to be healthy...all those chemicals :-S

    1. Ooooo yes these sound great for you! I have never really liked squash but for someone that does these are perfect, no more chemicals!!

  2. I love water plain, but a bit of lemon or cucumber is really nice, so this is a great idea!

    1. Totally agree it's nice to switch things up!

  3. It sounds so refreshing- I love water with orange slices in it in the summer. I drink a lot of water as teaching makes me lose my voice otherwise. I would worry about the acid though as my teeth are quite soft so I think constantly drinking lemon water instead of plain water would not be good for me.

    1. I don't use it everyday but it's a good alternative when your wanting some flavour x

  4. Those zingers are brilliant aren't they, I love using lime in mine :-)

    1. Lemon and Limes are my favourites, great product!