Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Workout Wednesday + Bacon and Maple Syrup Buckwheat Pancakes

Can you believe its that time again, its Wednesday!! Which can only mean you are needing a new workout, for todays you will need a barbell and dumbbells. If you belong to a gym or have the equipment at home then perfect if not then just lose the weight and do the workout with out. 

Strength and Cardio Blast

5 Min Warm up

BB Upright Row x 12
DB Lunges x 12
Star Jump with 1.5 DB 1 min

DB Bent Over Fly x 12
BB Weighted Squat x 12
Standing Jump Twist with 1.5 DB 1 min

BB Chest Press x 12
DB Sumo Squat x 12
Running Man with 1.5 DB 1 Min

Back Extension x 12
DB Reverse Lunges x 12
DB Punches 30 seconds

BB = Barbell   DB = Dumbbells 

Enjoy this sweaty beast! 

Oxo's Good Grips Batter Dispenser and Flip and Fold Omelette Turner

A little while ago I was sent Oxo's Batter Dispenser and Omelette Turner to review and to take part in their pancake making recipe challenge. I love pancakes and Oxo so I said a big yes to taking part! 

The Batter Dispenser appealed to me because I have never been one to make anything in uniform shapes but its never to late to start and to me a pancake needs to be round! The dispenser is really easy to use, you just fill with batter then squeeze to make perfect round pancakes, it also perfect for making cupcakes without the mess, bonus! 

The Flip and Fold Omelette Turner is perfect for flipping omelettes of course but it works just as well as a pancake flipper, I am definitely not one for throwing the pancake in the air and hoping for the best! 

With these new toys in hand I got work on some delicious pancakes American style......

Bacon and Maple Syrup Buckwheat Pancakes
(gluten and lactose free)


1 x Buckwheat Pancake Mix - I used this one
240ml Cold Water
90ml Vanilla Rice Milk
3 Medium Eggs
Unsmoked Organic Bacon
Maple Syrup 
Coconut Oil


Empty pancake mix into a large mixing bowl. Whisk eggs, add to pancake mix along with the cold water and rice milk combine until batter is made and all ingredients are mix in. Pour batter into dispenser and put to side. Heat a little coconut oil in a non stick pan and put bacon under the grill. Once the oil has melted start dispensing your pancake mix into the pan. (Be aware that if you use the same mix as me it is very thick so the pancakes turn out better if you make them small other wise they are too cakey). Once the pancakes are firm and browned on each side put them on a plate and keep making until you have used up the batter or have enough for the amount of people you are cooking for. Don't for get to turn the bacon while you cook your pancakes! 

To plate up: place pancakes on a pretty plate (optional!) then top with crispy bacon and drizzle with maple syrup and enjoy........SO GOOD!

When I said to Dale I was going to make these he said "MAPLE SYRUP AND BACON????!!!" but afterward he was in love with the flavour combo so they must have been good! 


What pancakes will you be making on Shrove's Tuesday?

I may well be indulging in these again!


  1. Mmmm pancake day! We will probably have my banana pancakes ( or a variation of (I've got some spelt flour to try out) with bacon and malpe syrup - yum!

  2. Its that sweet and salty thing so good!

  3. Is pancake day next week? I'm a bit of an enigma in that I don't like the British crepe style pancakes with the sugar and lemon. It really does nothing for me. The American-style thick pancakes however are right up my street. And bacon and maple are SO good together. I love bacon and maple popcorn.

    1. It's on the 4th of March this year, I am a sucker for all pancakes much to the despair of my thighs!

  4. That is one badass workout Tam, you rightfully deserved those awesome pancakes as a reward for the hard work! ;)

  5. Oh I can't wait for pancake day! I was tempted to make my sweet potato pancakes but instead I think I'm going to try and make more traditional crepe style ones :-)

    1. Hmmmm either or, pancakes are so good x

  6. I had pancakes for breakfast this morning and they were so good. Such a treat on a weekday!

    1. Ooooo weekday indulgences are needed definitely!