Thursday, 20 February 2014

My Thursday

Happy Thursday all, hows the week going for you? I still haven't caught up after the weekend, it totally threw my energy off so I am looking forward to Saturday once I get home after work thats me done till Monday morning : ) Having to be up at 5.30am every morning this week definitely hasn't helped with me catching up on my beauty sleep!

This mornings early morning wake up call was to train my Skype client. We did a killer plyometric cardio workout which left me feeling like a lobster just put in the pan, BOILING!! Great way to start  the day though.

After I got freshened up it was time for breakfast to refuel! I enjoyed a bowl of chopped apple and banana topped with thick plain yogurt, cinnamon and almonds yum!

I had one more client in the morning before popping into town to meet my sister. Me and Jes then spent the day sorting my flat, it needed a little TLC so I was more then happy for the help. I re-payed her by making a delicious homemade soup for lunch. We hung out for most of the afternoon then Jes went off before my next clients turned up. 

All my clients trained it was time for dinner, I made this awesome omelette by frying some unsmoked bacon and mushrooms then topping it with 2 eggs and a mini sweet potato mashed up. Served with veggies this was the perfect end to my day, I will definitely be eating this again, hmmmmmm!

I've had a great Thursday and I am going to have an even better Friday, my plans for tomorrow are kind of crazy and I am going to have to be secretive at the moment but I am so excited to tell you all about. Its going to be one of those days when I have to pinch myself to realise its real, ahhhhhh so excited but also soon as I can blog about it I will so watch this space! I hope you all have a great Friday I pretty sure I'm going to : )


Whats the best thing you did today?


  1. Oooh how very exciting. Looking forward to your update.
    Best thing I did yesterday (as Friday is still happening) is having an awesome 6 mile run. Got some speed in and felt good :))

    1. I desperately need to get out for a run!

  2. Excited to hear about your Friday! Hope you enjoy a nice relaxing Sunday x