Saturday, 14 December 2013

Tyrrell's Apple Crisps

Hi all still no luck with my sorting out my blog I will be calling the google team again today to cry at someone! But until then I am hear to share a little product review with you from Tyrrell's crisps. They have started making Apple crisps and when offered to try some I said a big yes! 

You have two flavours to try Proudly Plain and Smashingly Cinnamon both of which I was sent. One thing I have to say about Tyrrell's crisps is they have great packaging! I will hold my hands high and admit I am a sucker for good packaging and these crisps definitely catch my eye. 

I always give my honest opinion on any products I review and these are no different. I can't say that these crisps aren't tasty because they are both the plain and cinnamon are delicious and I would happily eat them again but for a treat. These aren't low in fat and considering they are apples I imagined they would be plus the cinnamon have 3 types of sugar added to them and the plain 1 again being apples I thought they would be sweet enough but thats just me! 

All in all these crisps are a yummy snack and if you are bored of normal crisps these could be what your looking for. My favourite flavour was the plain but the cinnamon ones are very tasty too. 

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Have you tried Tyrrell's apple crisps or would you like to?


  1. I say they're good not my cuppa of tea though...

  2. they are especially nice crumbled on top of cooked fruit, or mixed with crumble topping...oh and just scrummy on their own x

  3. Apple crisps always sound like a good idea, but I prefer savoury crunchy things. Although I bet they would be amazing dipped in caramel!

    1. Yum dipped in caramel sounds so good!