Friday, 13 December 2013

Stressed Out!

Hi from a very stressed out blogger! 
Not going into too much detail I am having some real trouble with re-paying for my blog domain which is very frustrating and very scary because if I can't re-pay I lose my blog AHHHHHH!!

Right rant over hopefully I can sort it and I won't be going anywhere fingers crossed!

What have been up to? All work and no play, lucky for me my jobs are pretty awesome so working doesn't get me down. I have been training clients around working in the tattoo shop this week which means long days, I am looking forward to Saturday around 7pm when I can just relax : )

Lunches at work have been homemade soup and chicken of course! There have been a few snacks too like fruit and some yummy apple crisps that I was sent for review and I'll be sharing with you soon. 

Last night Dale made dinner which was nice, always good to have a meal made for you! He made some spicy tomato mince with steamed veggies, very tasty and very filling. 

This morning I woke up and really fancied something hot for breakfast and I had eggs in mind so I threw together some savoury muffins which were perfect plus I made extra for tomorrow. Recipe will be coming soon on My Dairy Free Dream page. 

Tomorrow I am working in the tattoo shop then Sunday I have the day off. I have a fun Sunday planned, my hair is being totally changed (watch this space!) and me and Dale are going to dinner at his sisters, another meal cooked for me yay! 

I hope you are all having a great week and have some fun stuff planned for the weekend : )


What are your weekend plans?


  1. That savory muffin looks really good, the best way to kick off your day. And please do not lose your blog, we need your awesomeness!

  2. *sobs* I'm working the weekend. It sucks. Hey ho.
    Sorry you had a nightmare with your blog - it can be so frustrating can't it??
    Wow that muffin looks lovely, I love the shape!

  3. Hope you got the issue sorted Tam, I know how stressful website worries can be, nightmare!

    1. Hopefully have something sorted!! X

  4. Hope you've got your website issues sorted, what a nightmare! Just saw photos of your new hair on instagram, gorgeous!!!!

    1. Thank you was time for a change!