Monday, 16 December 2013

New Red Hair

Hello, did you all have a good weekend? 
As you know I worked Saturday in the shop then Saturday night I just stayed in with Dale and watched a movie.

We had this yummy dinner, sausages are gluten free ones from M&S and they're delicious especially with some roasted parsnips and steamed veg : )

Sunday morning I got up and did a workout before making this not so cold smoothie. Its too cold for my usual kind of smoothie so I just blended banana and milk with some frozen cherries and blueberries to make a cool and but freezing breakfast!

Then this happened! I have been ummming arrring about going red for ages (I used to be this colour back in the day), I love being blonde but the bleach is a killer for the hair so wanting to get my long locks back I decided to change from blonde. I was going to go back to brown but then thought I would take advantage of my blonde hair and go bright red!!! Love it!!! 

Today has been a good start to the week, I was up early to do a session with my Skype client which I followed with a yummy breakfast of eggs, rice cakes and mushrooms. 

Before lunch I had a couple more clients to train then the weekly shop had to be done. Once I got home I was more then ready to have something hot for lunch to warm me up. Steamed veggies, Zest pesto and feta, perfect! 

For the rest of the afternoon I have been doing some Coconom work and now its time for more clients to be trained. I am in the shop for most of this week covering which means another very busy one for me! 

I hope your week has started well and you had a fab weekend x x


Do you get bored with your hair or have you found the style that works for you?

I am terrible for getting bored with mine!


  1. Love your new hair colour, it really suits you.

  2. Love the hair, welcome to the red side! I would like to make mine a bit brighter red but would need to lighten it first and I can't really be arsed ;-) Will have to look out for the gluten free sausages, they sound yum!

    1. Thanks! Oooo you should defo check M&S nearly all their sausages are gluten free x

  3. Wow your hair looks amazing!!! So so pretty. It really suits you. I used to have purple low lights but it was so expensive and took ages...just boring brown for me!

    1. Awwwww thank you! Well I was going to go back to brown but thought I'd go red first, I love brown hair!