Tuesday, 17 December 2013

If I Said Yes

Hello and welcome to a different kind of post. Its not often I write a post on anything other then food and fitness and general day to day life but as the name of my blog tells I do love a bit of sparkle and I will be the first to admit that I day dream about one day being a bride! 

I don't see it happening any time soon but one day I would love to say I do. 

Where would my wedding take place......hmmmmm not sure definitely not in a church but somewhere outdoors maybe? I know I want a small wedding with only very close family at the ceremony and then a party afterward that all our friends would be invited to. 

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One thing I do know is I want lots of sequins to be involved, yep I want to be a sparkly bride! Wedding dresses can be so hard to buy, I know I would like a 50's style dress cut just above the ankle so you can see my shoes. : )

(Source: pic 1, pic 2, pic 3)
The reason I want it showing my wedding shoes is because I plan them to be special like cinderella's, well if your going to feel like a princess it should be on your wedding day right? In my dreams I would get a fancy rock too.....ha I want a sparkler that catches peoples eye and shows someone wants to keep me! When I actually think about it there is so much to actually choose from, the dress to the make-up to the hair, shoes, nails etc and thats just for me let alone the groom, bridesmaids venue..........
I think I would be calling on my sister Jes to be my wedding planner! 

For now I will keep on dreaming about the day I say yes and hopefully I'll meet the guy that wants to keep me : )


Are you married, what was the best part of your wedding day?

Do you want to get married and like me do you fantasies about your dream wedding day?


  1. Organising our wedding was the most fun and most stressful time I've known. I loved it but it was a real headache. SO much to think about. But it pays off on the day. It really is the best day of your life.

    1. I bet, one day hopefully it will be me!!

  2. I love those rose ice-cubes! Always fantasising about my wedding - especially on pinterest :)