Saturday, 7 December 2013

Curry, Beets and Tattoos

Hiya, have you been up to much? I have been a busy bee trying to catch up with everything over the past few days which is why I have been a little quiet. There has been lots going on though training clients, Coconom work, my own exercise and lots more! I am getting very aware of how close the big day is and how I am very behind with making my gifts I have some time saved tomorrow to get on and the next two weeks I have more shifts in the tattoo shop which I can also use for sewing in the quiet times.....thank god! 

Being preoccupied I realised when I went to upload photos for the post I barely have any so I shall share the 3 things I ma loving right now. First being curry! Yep this is featuring heavily in our diet at the mo purely because its cheap, easy to make for both of us, tasty and if you make a big pot it can be used for lunches and maybe dinner the next day. The other thing thats great about curry is its so warming now the weather is getting colder, you can't beat a bowl of warming food : )

Secondly is this joyous drink, CherryActive make a BeetActive drink which is perfect for an afternoon pick me up or a pre workout drink. I think beetroot juice has a very earthy flavour (even though this one tastes sweeter then others) which you either like or don't bit like marmite I guess! 

Last but not least has to be tattoos I have had this booked for ages and it just so happens I got three tattoos over a few days......addicted much!? Um yes I would say I am but I am eventually wanting my arms filled up so its just when I have some spare cash I get on it! This was number three number one was my diamond and number two is yet to be revealed, the photo I took at the time was a big crap so I shall wait till it heals to show you : )

I am working in the tattoo shop today then another night out tonight, three weeks in a row.....whats going on! Ha feeling the need to get out a bit, I have become too much of a hermit lately so I am out having fun. I hope you all have a fab weekend and enjoy whatever your doing. 
Speak soon x x


Are you a beetroot lover?


  1. I like beetroot, but I was not a fan of the beet active as a drink, I used it as a salad dressing with some balsamic- then it was lovely.

  2. Love the tat and love the look of that curry! I adore beetroot, in fact I'm glad you've mentioned it here as I need to buy some more for winter salads!

  3. I love the earthy flavour of beetroot juice, have a load ready to juice this week. I stocked up on beet active to use for long marathon training runs or races pre workout.

  4. Beetroot juice is supposed to be so good for you. I love eating it in salads. To me a salad isn't a salad without beetroot!
    Wow the tattoos look so cool! I'm such a wuss and so indecisive I could never get a tattoo hehe. I'd probably change my mind the next week!

    1. Especially a goats cheese salad! Thank you x