Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas 2013

Well that went quick didn't it! Christmas is all over for another year, so much hype then with the blink of an eye its all done and dusted. I have had lots of fun with family and friends but I am feeling it now thats for sure. Definitely time to start back on the health trail, I have had way too many rich foods and not enough veggies and fruit which has made me come down with a slight cold but I am fighting it off with lots of vitamin c so hopefully by New Years Eve I shall be ready for one more party before the health kick really gets into full swing! 

Christmas Eve I went to my friend Wayne's annual get together for all our close friends. I decided it was a night perfect for sequins so threw my jacket on and went to party! There was talk of going to town but Dale had been out all day with friends drinking so when he turned up at Wayne's he was more then ready to go home (thank god!) I hung out for a couple of hours then got a lift home which meant we were in bed before 12 which was fine by me, I didn't fancy a hangover for the big day : )

Christmas Day started with me and Dale opening our presents for each other followed by a plate of scrambled eggs and rice cakes (I wish I could eat bread!!) After breakfast we got ready for our first stop which was Dales Nan's.

Dales family always go to his dad's Nan's on Christmas morning to open gifts, it was my first experience of the madness. Lots of wrapping paper being thrown about and in the middle of it all his sisters dog tearing his new toy to bits! Ha it was lots of fun but after an hour or so it was time to go to stop number two.....

This stop was my papa's where I could not resist one of his homemade gluten free mince pies. OMG so good, my dad really knows how to bake! I also went round to his neighbours to see them (my extended family), it was lovely to catch up especially with Jonathan who is over from Berlin. Around 1.30pm we said are goodbyes and made our way to the third and final stop of the day.

We spent the rest of Christmas Day at Dale's mum's and I got to hang out with this cutie! Got to admit I love this little fella, such a good little boy and when he smiles it just lights you up : )

Dale's made a delicious dinner, I can actually say though for once I did not over eat and feel hideously full by the end of my meal, there was plenty of room for pudding! 

I actually took pudding with me as an offering towards the meal. I made my dad's Lemon Tart which turned out perfectly! Got to admit this was a real test to my baking skills and without my dad there to guide me would have been a total flop so thanks dad your a star!

After dinner and pudding was all over we hung out playing snooker whilst having a couple of drinks, a great end to a great day : )

We stayed over at Dale's mums and when we got up had Boxing Day breakfast made for us, what a treat! The rest of the day was spent watching movies, we did venture out to take his sisters dog out for an hour but that was it. It was just nice to sit and relax with nowhere to go and nothing to do after Christmas Day being so busy! 

Yesterday I had a couple of clients to train which I jumped in on too, it gave me two workouts yesterday and gave my clients no excuse to slack! I definitely needed those workouts and today am feeling pretty sore so good times! What I also needed yesterday was a plate of veggies which I got in the form of sprouts, broccoli and peas delicious! 

Today I am working in the tattoo shop and then plan to go home and veg, my cold is making me feel pretty lousy and with Dale away fishing till tomorrow I don't have to feel bad about being unsociable!  I think a herbal tea and an early night will do me the world of good and I will hopefully wake up feeling a lot better. 

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, I'm looking forward to reading all your blogs and seeing what you got up to x x


What was favourite part of Christmas?

Mine has definitely been spending time with my closest friends and family : )


  1. Sounds like you had quite a nice Christmas Tam, good for you!

    BTW your dad's lemon tart is truly *DA BOMB*

    1. I did thank you, and yep it really is!! SO GOOD!

  2. Glad you had a great Christmas Tam.I will be looking to your blog in the new year to help me focus on my health.Happy New Year to you.

    1. Thank you it was brill! Cool I will have some great tips for food and exercise coming up so stay tuned!

  3. Those mince pies look fabulous for gluten free ( I have such problems cooking successfully with none gluten flours), glad you had a good time. We just liked getting up late and being very very lazy xxxx ha ha

    1. My dad has definitely got the knack to cooking gluten free! Sounds like you had the right idea!

  4. Loved reading your recap, so festive. Esp love the sequin jacket :) Your red hair is still looking amazing btw :)

  5. Hope your cold gets sorted quick! Looks like you had a great Christmas, we go out on Christmas eve as well but I managed to keep drinking to a reasonable level!